If you are a new mother, you need a baby diaper bag! And if you are a super and stylish new mom, you need a practical but also elegant and cute bag! 

Changing diapers is easy… until you step out and away from your comfort zone! 

When you go out with your baby, there is often the worry of not having a clean place to lay your baby down to change them. For the child, hygiene is essential; therefore, you need a clean and comfortable environment for changing diapers. 

Having a Baby Changing Mat is the solution to such problems!

Baby Changing Mat ensures that your baby stays clean throughout the changing process. 

The best part?

Nowadays, many diaper changing mats are available in the market with many features that most parents appreciate. For example, for added convenience, parents can use mesh storage to hold diapers, diaper rash creams, diaper changing gloves, and other small items. 

Why Do New Parents Like To Use The Diaper Changing Clutch?

Diaper-changing clutches are a convenient and practical item for parents with one or more kids who like to go around without carrying a big diaper bag or heavy bags. 

These clutches are a great helper for moms – especially new ones! They are fashionable to put napkins, diaper creams, spare diapers, etc.

All things considered, it is a personal decision whether to get a diaper clutch or not. Some parents prefer to carry a diaper bag with them wherever they go – despite the bulky and oversized- compared to a diaper clutch. 

With its lightweight and easy-to-grip features, the diaper clutch allows you to easily change diapers when traveling, as you don’t have to carry the entire diaper bag.
Some features are there to make using it even easier than you think. For example, having removable sides is a plus for making this clutch lightweight and fits inside any bag you carry. 

Furthermore, some models have a removable mesh organizer to hold some of the baby’s essentials like diapers, wipes, and cream to add more convenience to the design.

I also got a diaper clutch with an outer zipper to hold my phone, keys, and some cash or cards. 

Another thing to mention here is the design, where you can easily attach it to your backpack or stroller. It will definitely look stylish on your wrist as well..!

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What To Look For In a Diaper Clutch?


First thing first! 

As we all know, accidents happen A LOT with kids, especially infants. Thus, getting an easy-to-clean diaper changing clutch is essential. Some clutches are machine washable and can be machine dry as well. 

However, we recommend you check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions before you clean it. Doing the correct cleaning method expands the items’ service life. 


Most changing clutches are compact. However, you might find some that are smaller than others. The choice here highly depends on your lifestyle, personal preference, and budget. 

Remember, though, that smaller clutches might be missing some of the extra features you find in the bigger ones!

Design & Features:

Some of the diaper clutches are designed to provide extra comfort for the baby and parents at the same time.

For example, padded mats are the best for infants to protect their bodies from hard surfaces, the extra pockets are practical for storage, the shoulder or stroller straps are the best for easy use, and waterproof materials are the best for containing messes – if they happen!  


Like any other baby item, choosing a good quality one is essential for durability. Usually, the diaper clutch is used every day; thus, getting one with low quality will not make your kid comfortable and will not serve for an extended period of time. 


The diaper changing clutch price ranges between ~ $20 – $50, depending on the brand, style, and features included. The choice is always yours, and you can find different models available on the market. 

The Takeaway 

Baby items are vast and available everywhere you go. But an intelligent choice will always pay off! 

Tips: Always look for the “extras” when buying baby items. The manufacturers consider the parents’ and babies’ needs when they make the design. Thus, these added features are, most of the time, worth the extra money you pay for. Think twice!

Furthermore, the diaper-changing clutch will be your main purse or clutch when you are out with your baby. It adds a cute and unique touch to the overall look, and getting a plain or simple design is the best way to get a matchy purse!

Overall the Baby Changing Clutch is the perfect gift for any new parents. It protects your baby from any surface, especially bathroom changing stations.