Many people have tried to impress their date by cooking a nice meal, but why not go further and make them your special drink? To wow your date, you’ll need to craft a creative idea. You may think it’s impossible on a tight budget, but it isn’t. 

Whether you’re going out for the first time or have been dating for years, you come up with thoughtful and romantic ideas for your next outing without breaking the bank. If you’re looking to impress your date, you can’t go wrong with a candlelit dinner at home. But if you want to knock it out of the park, explore the following: 


First, ensure the setup is right. Get some good music and light the candles or get LED lights. You can’t just serve up any old thing from your fridge and expect it to wow your date. You want something special, like a meal made with ingredients from all over the world and uniquely blended drinks.

Become a Bartender

To get the full experience of being a bartender, you should have a list of ingredients ready before your love interest comes over. You won’t like scrambling around the kitchen as they sit there, waiting for you to make them something they can’t even drink because you’re missing key ingredients. You should explain the process so that they feel involved in their cocktail creation. Rehearse any of 1 of 5 best espresso martini recipes if necessary to sound confident. Practice your bartending skills, but not so much that they become mechanical. You still need to add some personality.


If you’re going out for dinner, pick a place with good food and an atmosphere to make you both feel comfortable. For example, if your date is a vegetarian and you don’t have any vegetarian restaurants in mind, try calling ahead to see if they have anything on the menu that meets their dietary needs or if there are any allergies or dietary restrictions. 


It’s awkward not to have anything interesting to share. If you can’t think of fun activities that you and your special date might enjoy, try some board games like chess and Scrabble that will challenge you intellectually. 


If you want to be original here, you’ll choose a film that your date might not have seen before. It will show your date that you’ve put some thought into it and that neither of you will be bored if the movie isn’t very good. You may consider going for the latest blockbuster, classic movie, or something light-hearted and funny. 

Road Trip

Road trips are good because they give you time alone without distractions like phones or TVs but allow for plenty of conversation. You could even listen to music with special meaning for both of you, like high school or college songs. 

Get Crafty

One smart way to get your date’s attention is with an original gift. A photo album, a jar full of cookies, or a scrapbook are some of the endless DIY things you can craft at home. 

Wine Tasting

If you are into impressing your date with an original idea, wine tasting can be a fun activity if you both love wine. Wine tasting gives an overall impression of the quality and character of the wine in question, so there are many other aspects at play here than your sense of taste. 

Now that you are acquainted with the essentials of setting up an exciting evening, it’s time to focus on what will impress your date. Whether you’re stuck in a hazy dorm room or want to be an impressive host in your own home, one thing does the trick: your originality.