To better understand why you should purchase a Wildcard SSL certificate from Namecheap, consider the following.

Cheap ssl wildcard are not an exception. Wildcard certificates are the best option for securing a network that consists of a single domain with several subdomains at the same level (such as and *

Subdomains are widely used by site administrators as a means of organizing their websites so that different sections are treated as independent entities by search engines. Many fields can be broken down into the following subdomains:


With a Wildcard SSL, you can protect an unlimited number of subdomains with with one certificate. A Wildcard SSL is useful even if you don’t yet use subdomains. If you set one up on your site and link it to your main domain, any subdomains you create afterward will be protected without any more action on your part.

Domain Validation (DV) and Organization Validation (OV) Wildcard SSL Certificates are both at your disposal, allowing you to select the ideal validation level to give your clients and website visitors peace of mind.


What is the number of domains you own? Or do you not intend to? If so, you might consider getting a Wildcard SSL Certificate. Without an SSL Certificate, subdomains like or cannot be secured. This can take a lot of time and money. All of your subdomains may share the same robust protection with a cheap Wildcard from us, and it’s all simple to administer from a single location.


One of the cheapest and quickest methods of encryption is the Wildcard Certificate. This works wonderfully if you have a primary domain and use subdomains to host individual websites, such as a blog, portfolio, or informational brochure.

The second type of Wildcard, “Essential,” is also given in minutes (no bureaucracy), but it provides a little more client security. As such, it is an excellent option for a shop online that processes moderate numbers of sales each day.

Third, if you operate a sizable online store, nonprofit, or government portal that processes a lot of sales transactions or stores a lot of sensitive client data, you should invest in a Premium Wildcard SSL Certificate. The reason for this is that having Organization Validation will provide your customers peace of mind, as they will know that you are a legitimate business.


Purchasing a low-cost Wildcard SSL Certificate is a wise move even if you don’t already have numerous subdomains. You are free to add as many subdomains as you need to the certificate at no extra cost as your online business expands.

By having everything protected by the same encryption system, you can save both time and money. The cost savings from purchasing your Wildcard SSL from us only increase over time.

Easy reassurance

It provide your site visitors with the exact peace of mind they need.

In contrast to the time and money spent setting up many SSL certificates, a Wild Card Certificate only requires one. Website protection made simple.

Renewals are hassle-free; you no longer need to keep track of individual subdomains or their respective renewal dates.

Wildcard SSL certificates are included with all of our packages, and even our most affordable one comes with access to knowledgeable and helpful customer service representatives.