With over 5 million military members between its active, reserve, and paramilitary branches, the USA is nothing to mess with. But the sheer scale of this supersize military power isn’t just a problem for America’s rivals.

It’s a problem for America’s gift-buyers, too.

Yep, it might not be the first thing you think of, but when that many people serve in your country’s military, chances are you’re gonna come to know at least one of them over the course of your life. And what do you buy for the man for whom service is everything?

Stay reading for our top 6 respectful gifts for military men.

1. Challenge Coins

For the unaware, challenge coins are essentially small tokens that prove the bearer’s membership of a certain organization (like the Marine Corps, for example!). The name comes from the act of ‘challenging’ the bearer to present their coin and validate their membership. It’s one of the best gift ideas for military men since you can get a coin that reflects their service!

2. A Zippo Lighter

Zippo lighters have a long and proud history with the US military, dating back to the millions of GIs that carried them during the Second World War. If you’re looking for gifts for those in the military, why not get them a lighter that ties their service into the service of the heroes of the past?

3. Socks!

It might be a clich√© Christmas gift, but for your man who spends all his time destroying socks and shoes while on maneuvers, there’s nothing like a fresh, clean pair of socks.

4. A Grill Set

Sometimes one of the most patriotic gifts is the one that lets the soldier in your life score some downtime. There’s nothing more quintessentially American than a cookout, so why not pick up a grill set while you ponder your military gift ideas?

5. A Commemorative Watch

Nothing says taste and class like a nice watch, and nothing says patriot like commemorating veterans. If you want military gifts for the veteran in your life, a watch commemorating their service in a particular conflict is the perfect choice.

6. A Flag Display Case

It’s pretty hard to get more patriotic gifts than a case for displaying the American flag, which is why these classic triangular display cases are ubiquitous in military homes. There’s no better military gift than a tasteful oak or mahogany box to let your military man proudly display old glory right there in his home.

Picking the Right Gifts for Military Men

So there you have it, our six top recommendations when it comes to gifts for military men in your life. Whether the patriot you’re buying for wants to commemorate their service, their unit, their history, or just get outside and grill, there’s something out there for you.

Semper fi!

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