Several stylish cowboy hats are there on the market today. These hats are ideal for many different situations, from spending time at a ranch to attending a country concert or heading off to one of the most popular outdoor pastimes: riding horses! You can use them in summer or warmer months because they include protection from the sun in the form of extended brims that provide extra coverage to keep you cool while you enjoy your time outdoors. You can also find them in shorter brim versions, though. They, too, look exceptionally adorable paired with almost any casual outfit you choose to wear as part of your everyday attire.

When it comes to picking one particular color in womans western hats, your instinct can go with standard choices like tan, black, and brown. While these are perfectly fine, you can make a bold and attractive style statement with a shade like cream. Since it’s a hotter month, this tinge can be more eye-soothing and bless your attire with some breezy and airy vibe. If you wonder how to pair your cream cowboy hat with your sartorial inspirations, here are some ideas to explore and apply.

Return to the simple fashion

If you search for a perfect outfit, let simplicity win the race. A cream cowboy hat and a matching top or just a unique jacket can be inspiring; grab a pair of skinny blue jeans with details around the knee that many people may not have spotted before. So go and complete your look for today by adding a simple tank top made especially for women. The combination of denim jeans, tank top, and cowboy hat can be something basic, but it doesn’t fail to impress the true admirers.

Go boho

If you appreciate the boho way of life, having a cowboy hat is the right way to express this love. With the white graphic tee and navy blue flannel-style shirt, you will be ready for any occasion. The cream-colored cowboy hat matches nicely with a chocolate brown neck scarf, so you will look charming no matter where you go. You can also find some cowboy boots at a store near you if you prefer to strut your stuff in some new boots.

Try the comfortable look

A brown printed short wrap dress can be the perfect addition to your wardrobe for a stylish and sophisticated style. Finishing off this attire with a cream cowboy hat and boots can lend some extra elegant flair that is perfect for any occasion. In the summer heat, you can look pleasingly hot. So, this can be your moment if you want to capture it! Some bold women replace their boots with sneakers to infuse a relaxed vibe into their ensemble. There is no harm in giving this also a try.

Channel the chic energy

When you need an ensemble for a sunny day out, a blue crop top that is light and airy can be one of your quick picks. You can wear those loose-fit pants to feel comfortable and stylish. The cream cowboy hat adds a touch of country charm, and the whole look is brought together with a pair of brown boots. Whether you plan a trip to the farmers market or a walk in the local park, this outfit keeps you cool and comfortable all day long. You can also wear the same thing to a casual barbecue party with friends and family. No matter the place, this style always reigns supreme. So, don’t hesitate!

Show off the casual side

Get a short sleeve tee, a pair of gray jeans, and a cream cowboy hat! It is the perfect outfit for a casual day out! The lady’s short sleeve tee is light and airy, perfect for a hot summer day. The gray jeans are a great neutral that will go with anything. And the cream cowboy hat is the perfect finishing touch to lend a country charm to this look.

The cowboy hat is the perfect accessory to complete a casual yet chic look in the summer. It can adorn you while running errands, at the beach, or even out to a nice dinner. The key to pulling off the cowboy hat look is to keep the rest of your outfit simple and understated. Whether you’re wearing a sundress, shorts, or jeans, a cowboy hat can add a touch of western flair. Make sure you find a hat that fits well and looks good with your style. There are plenty of places to get one.

When shopping for a cowboy hat, it’s essential to keep in mind the shape of your face. Opt for a hat with a wider brim if you have round facial features. Something with a narrower brim will be flattering on a long face cut. And if you have an oval face, you’re lucky because just about any cowboy hat style will look great on you.