The fact that consumers now want to be able to buy and own one-off products that are unique to themselves has opened up an entire range of businesses and a plethora of opportunities. This article looks at the type of businesses that are trending in this sector and how the demand for bespoke and personalized has become a major business trend.


Design your own product

The rise of the ability to design your own product has become one of the fastest-growing and longest-lasting trends in the manufacturing and consumer sectors. There is a clear understanding of luxury and the fact that for many millennials luxury products are unattainable or too expensive has seen them look for other ways to express their individuality—as well as creating a sense of their own luxury.

It may have started with the pizzas that you could make and create, but it has now progressed to the type of businesses that allow consumers to select the raw materials and even engage in the design and style options for the product being produced.

Personalize an existing product

Just as millennials associate individuality with luxury, the ability to engrave or add a design element to an existing product has been the way top go for many a business looking to add a layer of personalization to their products. Your business should learn more about the process of engraving and what can be engraved, so that you can offer the addition of a name, a poem, or a saying to an existing product that will make it a one-off and unique to the receiver.

Branding and marketing

The ability to make unique products and also be able to simply add a logo or a brand color to an existing product is one of the top ways companies have used personalization. It is a means of innovating and the businesses that are able to see the opportunities for this are the ones that are able to meet the needs of their customers and consumers who want to be able to choose the most unique and personalized products for themselves. A branded product or free giveaway that is able to carry and promote the brand has become a growing trend.

Personalized experiences

Yes, you could plan a specific holiday and then make it personal to you and those you travel with. However, the rise of personalized and bespoke has brought with it the ability to be able to plan, design, and then experience the most personalized experiences that you can. Everything from holidays to a day out at the races, go karting, and many other forms of entertainment and outings can now be planned and designed using company apps and then implemented and enjoyed just as you want to.

These are just a few simple tips that can be used to take your business to another level and add a degree of personalization and bespoke products. It is vital to keep in mind that price is often not the deciding factor as long as the customer feels (and your business can prove) that they are buying a one-off.