BCFS Health and Human Services is part of a global nonprofit organization that helps individuals and families. It offers an array of services for homeless youth, victims of domestic violence, low-income parents, and expectant mothers. One of the organization’s most impactful programs is called “Healthy Start”, a nationally recognized initiative that provides expectant and current mothers with young children with health services. 

Healthy Start provides young moms with access to the basic health needs they require to promote their own health and the wellbeing of their existing or future children. The program pushes forward several goals, including reductions in infant mortality rates, lowering the incidence of child abuse, and building stable and healthy homes for babies.

The program was established in 2001 and offers care and case management services for young mothers throughout southern and eastern Texas. In Tyler, Texas the organization recently launched a mobile truck service that will come to a mother’s location to provide expert on-site medical care.

The mobile care truck offers medical capabilities that complement Healthy Start’s full suite of lab, pediatric care, and pharmacy services. Healthy Start also features Medicaid and CHIP registration, employment services, case management, and other offerings that help young mothers to succeed. With the mobile care truck, BCFS Health and Human Services provides a viable medical option for people with limited mobility or with limited funds for travel.

The organization frequently updates the design and capabilities of the mobile truck, so it best meets the changing needs of the Tyler-area population. This service is a part of the organization’s broader mission to build local communities, improve health outcomes, and develop trust with residents who require assistance.