Bathroom remodeling can increase your home value to give you a high Return On Investment (ROI) if you plan to sell it. Upgrading walk-in showers and luxury vanities can add significant value to your home. Once you upgrade a bathroom, make strategic choices on repairs and designs. 

Consider the latest trends in finishing, budgeting, and neutral techniques that can appeal to a buyer. Make changes that spit elegance to ensure successful conversion rates. Small details like wallpaper on a wall or repainting can update your bathroom style.

Sometimes, a bathroom might need an entire makeover to make a difference. If you’re looking to enhance your bathroom’s elegance, consider using porcelain tiles for your home, which can add a touch of sophistication to your space.

Why Do Bathroom Remodels Add Value?

Bathroom visits are brief but frequent, and you can make them more comfortable by revamping the space to make it more appealing. People spend more time in the bathrooms and kitchen than in any other room in their homes. So, a revamp of your bathroom will get the attention of potential buyers and increase offers. 

Before upgrading, research valuable, desired finishes and trends for your bathroom design. 

As you remodel, upgrade worn-out surfaces to improve livability and add function. Whatever kind of remodel you do, a DIY or through a contractor, these upgrades will add more value to your home.

Change Tiles and Flooring

Changing the design, shape, size, or color of the tiles in your bathroom can improve function and style. To make the most out of the money you spend, opt for durable materials that are water and heat-resistant. 

Consider using textured tiles on the bathroom floor as it can be slippery due to wetness. You can also include extra grouting to prevent humidity, mold, and staining. Modern homes have radiant heated floors, which are handy in the cold season. These floors keep spaces warm, and in the end, you save money.

Upgrade Your Toilet

Upgrade your toilet to an or low-flow toilet to conserve water. A low-flow toilet also helps in sprucing your space. These toilets save you money from low water bills every time the toilet flushes. 

Use the modern toilets with a hidden tank as it is space efficient and fits all bathroom designs. Let a plumber do the placement of an aesthetic access door for maintenance routines. 

Replace the Typical Bath Tub or Shower

If your tub or shower is old, replace it with an elegant bottom tub, save space, and make the bathroom more appealing. These bathtubs are easy to install and ideal for small bathrooms. The investment is worth every penny since this area is a favorite to any homeowner. A tub is the room’s visual centerpiece, and a replacement will be noticed. Hence, it should be appealing and aesthetic. 

Focus on and Improve Ventilation

The bathroom is always wet, making it favorable to mold and mildew growth. In an enclosed bathroom, add a window or ventilation to absorb humidity and moisture. Proper ventilation in a bathroom leaves it dry with a free, fresh air flow. 

A ventilation system increases natural lighting. Natural lighting means reduced use of electricity and power bills, saving you money. 

Consider slope windows to allow water to drain, and use frosted glass for privacy. If your bathroom has no fan, add one, as it will boost air quality and prevent mold or mildew. Unlike windows that must be opened and closed, a fan can run the entire year.


Proper lighting can improve the appearance and feel of an entire bathroom. Upgrade lighting if you update other aesthetics by painting or adding new cabinets. Get modern lighting fixtures like bulbs rated between 80 – 100 for proper illumination to complement the bathroom finish. Choose a design with soft ambient lighting and a bright vanity. LED lights produce more natural lighting for better grooming.

Double Sink Vanity

Forget the standard sink in your bathroom and replace it with a vanity double sink. No one wants to share a sink or wait for another to use the sink space. The feature was only found in luxury homes, but today, it’s more popular and is desired by modern home buyers. A double sink is an appealing aesthetic that improves your bathroom layout. It is ideal in homes with more people. 

Swap Accessories

The scale of bathroom accessories can guide you when remodeling. For instance, adding a round mirror to create the illusion of an ample space. Using a frame in a small room can make it feel claustrophobic for most people. Not all large fixtures like bathtubs need replacement. However, upgrading surfaces and accessories can make a bathroom feel brand new.

Keep Your Design Neutral

If your primary reason for remodeling is maximizing ROI, use neutral designs. Neutral designs in cabinets, fixture styles, bathtubs, or vanities leave room for improvement. But, if you’re renovating your home to continue living, exercise your creativity. 

In Summary

Before renovating your home, talk to a local real estate agent. They’ll offer recommendations on trends and home buyers’ desires. A real estate agent knows the ideal bathroom improvements to add value to your home with the highest ROI. Upgrade recommendations can vary from place to place, and your local agent got the scoop. Once decided, work with a professional home remodeler to get the job done right.