Settling in an entirely different country with different cultures and weather conditions takes effort. It takes courage, determination, and a willingness to embrace everything new. Many people choose the US for this purpose. If you also have plans to immigrate to this country, knowing certain aspects of the immigration process can be rewarding.

For example, you must be eligible for this and pay specific fees. The government needs to approve your application as well. It can be a complicated method. However, if you find the proper guidance, you can cross all the hurdles smoothly.

So, let’s first explore this immigration system a little. If you reside in Austin, you can look for a law firm specializing in this. They can help you with the necessary paperwork and inform you about your rights.

Types of visas

You have to select the right green card to immigrate to the US. You get many options like green cards for family members, humanitarian, long-time residents, employment, etc. The one for family members goes to existing US citizens and green card holders.

These can be valid for spouses, kids, parents, siblings, etc. However, rules may differ for a green card holder and a citizen—also, the immigrant’s relationship with the sponsor counts. At most places, you have to pay a flat price of USD $995. You get an application package and an attorney to review your documents. They can address all your concerns or confusion regarding immigration. 

EB-1, EB-2, EB-3, EB-4, and EB-5 are employment-based green cards. You qualify for any of these based on your skills. Sometimes, employers play the role of sponsor for application approval, and other times, you have to showcase your talents or training. Like this, every green card type has specific eligibility requirements.

Application requirements

You will have to appear for background verification. It can involve bringing police reports from your earlier location and answering any questions about your convictions. You may also have to give a medical test. During this time, an official can ask you about your mental health condition, drinking habit, drug consumption, or any contagious ailments you may have.

Each visa type will also have its specific eligibility criteria. For instance, you can get a green card quickly if you know a permanent resident in the country. You may need to submit a financial report ensuring you will not fall into poverty because of staying in the US.

If you were unaware, you must spend around USD $ 1960 to apply for a green card for family members. If the person is abroad, the application charges may be around USD $1,400. The government fees will be nonrefundable. At the same time, you may get little relief with medical examination costs.

For an employment-based card, the price may vary from USD $1,225 to USD $10,000, depending on the circumstances. Since it’s lots of money and not an easy process, you can hire an attorney to complete your documentation and submission work on time. They can also suggest affordable and quicker ways to solve your concerns. Plus, if there are any legal hurdles, they can navigate you through them.