If you are worried about the shelf-life of vape juice, you are at the right site. Many people are concerned about the useful life of vape juices, whether they are a novice or seasoned vapers; this blog will give you all the required information about the e-juice, its expiry, and some indications of e-liquid inconsistency.

What Is E-Juice:

A liquid used in e-cigarettes is known as e-juice. It comprises Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, nic salt and flavours. Each ingredient is included with a specific concentration. PGis a colourless, odourless component which absorbs nicotine and a flavour; it gives you a throat hit. Another is VG, which is thinner than PG and helps make huge clouds.

E-liquid flavour is another element which makes your e-juice delicious. Different flavours are available in the market, e.g. cola, mint, strawberry, etc. the last component is nicotine, or nic salt, which is added for those struggling to quit smoking. Various nicotine strengths are available to help ex-smokers reduce their nicotine intake over time.

Expiration Of Vape Liquid:

The straightforward answer of whether vape juice can expire or not is “yes”; e-juice can also expire. Generally, e liquid expires after around two years, but it also depends on the formulation and ingredients used for that vape juice. For example, adding nic salt in e-juice instead of freebase nicotine slowly demeans your vape juice, as the shelf life of nic salt is greater than freebase nicotine.

In addition, on the bottles of vape juices, there is the best-before date mentioned which indicates when the degradation of the e-liquid begins.

Labelling Of Expiry Date:

In the vape juice industry, there are many brands of e-juice in the market. Some of them label the best-before date, while others do not mention it on the e-juice bottles. Placing the expiry date is one of the most critical cautions for vape juice. However, different manufacturing brands have different formats of expiration dates. For example,

  • The Barista Brew Co. e-liquid brand is labelled best-before date in the format of MM/YY, i.e. 11/2022.
  • Another brand is AQUA e-liquid, labelled on the bottle as MM/DD/YY, i.e. 11/20/2022.
  • Some manufacturing brands can display the expiry date as BBMMDDYY, i.e. BB11252022.

Though there are different display methods, most e-liquid bottles have the best-before date mentioned on them.

Indications Of Expired Vape Juice:

As mentioned above, some manufacturing brands do not label the expiry dates on the vape juice bottles. If not displayed, some indications show that the vape liquid is expired, and it is better not to use it. The followings are some warnings:


One quick indication of the expired e-juice is the change in the odour. Your vape juice should have a significant good or bad smell. If your e-liquid is outdated, you must notice some unpleasant smell changes.


Detachment of ingredients is also a clear signal, which you can observe. Naturally, the heavier component is denser, which tends to incline towards the bottom of the bottle. Sometimes, a quick shake is enough, but if the problem is not fixed, it’s time to change your e-liquid.


Colour change is the visual warning with vape juice, indicating that something unusual will happen. Its quick solution is that you can shake it well. If the problem still remains, it is best to change your e-juice.

Cap-Up Lines:

The above-mentioned is the discussion about the vape juice expiration. Normally, the expiry of the vape liquid is around two years. Many vape juice brands are available in the market, and some do not display the best-before date; for this reason, some indications also show that your e-liquid is outdated, like a pungent smell, change in colour, and separation of components.