After any kind of global event we often see real estate markets change a great deal. This pandemic which we are going through has had the same impact and property buyers are now looking for a different type of home than once before. Experts in the real estate game like Ali Ata have been discussing recent surveys which have sought to find out what people now look for in a property, and here are some of the results of those studies.


Home Workspace

Given that so many people have been working from home, it comes as no surprise at all to learn that the modern day property buyer wants to invest in somewhere which has enough space for them to create their own office area. The reason behind this is not just the pandemic, but also because more and more people are working remotely than ever before. Improved connectivity means that going to the office is not the necessity which it once was, and that means that more people are going to be working home office.

Larger Outdoor Spaces

Something which we probably can attribute to the pandemic is at the increase in demand for outdoor areas amongst property hunters. It stands to reason of course that there will have been millions of people stuck at home, bemoaning the small areas which they had outdoors. Not only are we seeing a rise in demand for outdoor spaces; but also for gardens which have already been landscaped. The current generation of buyers want to enjoy a garden without having to undertake the task on their own.


Although bike usage and the use of public transport has risen, there are more cars on the road than there has ever been before. The result of this is that homes often have 2 or 3 vehicles, and they want space for them. For many years people were converting garages to increase the living space in the home, yet this is a trend which has slowed down given that more people want somewhere to park their cars.

Oven Ready

When it comes to kitchens there is a big demand for modern kitchens which don’t require any work. Given the costs of a new kitchen and the effort required to do it, more people would rather this to have already been done, and the price simply built into the property valuation. Homes which have small and outdated kitchens will struggle to sell when compared to those which have had a new kitchen installed recently.

Transport Links

As more people look to leave big cities and commute, we are seeing a rise in the popularity of homes which do have great connections to transport links. This again comes down to the trend of working remotely and people want to live in lower cost areas with bigger properties and more space. On occasion they may have to go to the office, and this is why people need to know that they can do so with ease.