Did you know that Americans spend around 34 minutes on cleanup and food prep in their kitchen? Create a relaxing atmosphere in your kitchen. If you want tips on decorating kitchen counters, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over tips on styling kitchen counters.

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Pick a Theme

When styling your kitchen counters, you’ll want to choose a color theme. Accessories, tools, and utensils should match the scheme. You could try black and white, or all-wood.

Stick to your theme. Everything will look styled together versus cluttered. If you want to learn how to match your kitchen floors, cabinets, and counters, check out this guide.

Pick up a Few Candles

When cooking or serving food in your kitchen, you can add to the atmosphere by burning a candle. Candles will add ambiance to a kitchen and also clear out any unwanted smells after dinner.

Look for kitchen-inspired scents like citrus, herb, or vanilla candles.

Show off Your Favorite Cookbooks

A lot of people tend to look up recipes online today.

If you have favorite cookbooks that you’re reaching for, keep them on your counter. Place a few of your top cookbooks in a stack or a corner.

Displayed cookbooks can add a flair of personality to a kitchen. Also, the cookbooks will tell guests a bit about your family. You might prefer Mexican or French cuisine.

Cookbooks will also add a pop of color to your kitchen. You could swap out cookbooks depending on the season.

Display Small Appliances

Do you have a smaller kitchen? Consider displaying some of your small appliances that are stylish on your counter.

This way, you’ll save on storage space, and you’ll be able to access your favorite appliances fast. Consider displaying your blenders, mixers, or coffee grinders.

If you display your appliances in your kitchen, make sure to tuck the cords behind the appliance. This way, you can prevent your counter from appearing messy.

You’ll be able to make a smoothie fast without digging around in your cabinet.

Pick up Canisters

Canisters are a helpful tool you can use to store your ingredients. Consider putting your sugar, flour, and other favorite baking ingredients inside canisters.

You will have an easier time measuring ingredients from a glass canister than a massive bag.

Look at getting canisters because they are straightforward and easy to identify ingredients. Pick up colorful canisters and put labels on the containers.

Unique Trays

Sometimes, small items on a counter can look cluttered and messy. Consider placing your smaller utensils or items on a colorful tray.

The tray will make the items look neater. For example, you could pick up a wooden tray or a bright pink tray to contrast against your counters.

Show off Cooking Tools and Utensils

Don’t dig around in messy drawers overflowing with utensils. Instead, put your most-used utensils in a crock or a pitcher.

Display your wooden utensils in a minimalist white kitchen. You could also get a colorful utensil holder.

Shop Around for Cutting Boards

You can show off a collection of wood or stone cutting boards in your kitchen. Stack your cutting boards together and display them against your kitchen backsplash.

Pick up wooden cutting boards to warm up an all-white kitchen. The wood cutting boards will add a stunning texture to your kitchen.

Pick up Fresh Flowers or Plants

To help make your kitchen feel warm and cozy, fill a vase with in-season flowers or add a new potted plant on your counter. The plants or flowers will add a subtle pop of color.

A lot of people tend to have a few herbs in their kitchen, like rosemary or basil. This way, they can easily snip off a few sprigs while cooking.

Cute Soap Dispensers

You’ll want to get some unique dishes and hand soap dispensers for your kitchen sink. Look for a colorful container that will stand out on your counter.

You can buy dispensers with soap in them already or pick up a container and refill as you go.

Hand Towels and Dish Towels

Add color to your kitchen by picking up colorful or patterned curtains and tea towels.
Pick up a variety of colorful kitchen towels. You can look for towels that match the current season.
Consider getting some matching oven mitts with similar colors or patterns – you can view the best oven mitts on rent.com. These can be draped over the oven door handle with the hand towels to make it look neat and more coordinated. 

Set up a Coffee Station

Are you a coffee drinker? Consider setting up a coffee station on your kitchen counter with a coffee machine and a small grinder, visit this to learn more. Having a morning coffee routine will set up your day for success.

Pick up a glass canister for your coffee grinds. You can put sugar in a cute creamer container. Consider hanging a few mugs behind your coffee machine as well.

Don’t Forget About Art

Artwork is another item you don’t want to miss when styling your kitchen. Pop a few pieces of art above your kitchen counters.

You can add a flair of style and personality to your kitchen this way. Some people will put up a coffee sign near their coffee station.

Frame a few pieces of artwork by your kitchen sink. You can swap the painting as the season’s change.

Now You Know More About Styling Kitchen Counters

We hope this guide on styling your kitchen counters was helpful. Styling kitchen counters will help turn your kitchen into a cozy atmosphere.

Pick up glass canisters, light a candle, and display your small appliances on the counter.

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