With dungarees and organic tee shirts adorned in quirky hand-drawn prints, Indikidual is one of the best sustainable children’s clothing brands for stylish kids’ outfits. The brand creates seasonal collections with creative technicolor designs to suit every personality.

The British/Swedish brand lets kids’ personalities shine, encouraging playful self-expression, spontaneity, and daring to be individual. Designer Syreeta Johnson and her daughter Minnie hand-drawn all the print designs.


Indikidual baby & children’s clothing lets children’s personalities shine by encouraging playful self-expression, spontaneity and the courage to be individual. Designed with kids in mind, all Indikidual prints are hand drawn, and their clothes are made from organic cotton to be practical, comfy, fun, and expressive.

Size information is provided as a guideline only; it is best to measure your child and select the size that matches their height. All dimensions are in centimeters.


Indikidual’s unique kid’s clothing is created with children in mind, inspired by owner Syreeta Johnson and her daughter. The hand-drawn prints are fun and quirky, combining their favorite activities’ themes.

Unisex capsule collection for kids aged 0-7 years. The range allows for layering and encourages mixing and matching to create individual styles and looks. All garments are made with organic cotton.

Inspired by spies and secret agents, the AW17 collection is playful and unique, with a nod to detective investigations. The theme emerged as designer Syreeta Johnsons’ daughter became enchanted with everything mysterious, repeatedly asking to be told puzzling, made-up stories with curious endings.

The new Pak bag in the iconic banana print is perfect for school, outings and playtime! Pair with other garments in the same print to make a statement look!


The prints are designed with children in mind and are meant to let their personalities shine, encouraging playful self-expression, spontaneity and daring to be individual. Each season, the print features a fun topic that kids will love.

The AW17 collection was inspired by spies and secret agents inspired by designer Syreeta Johnsons’ daughter, who is enchanted with all things mysterious, asking to be told puzzling made-up stories with curious endings. The range features a selection of quirky hand-drawn prints from fingerprints to prisoner-style stripes.

Indikidual is a British/Swedish brand that lets children’s personalities shine and encourages playful self-expression and spontaneity while daring to be individual. All garments are ethically produced in small runs in factories they trust, with all cotton items made in sustainable organic cotton.


Whether you’re concerned about the environmental impact of your clothing choices or want to ensure that your child’s wardrobe includes high-quality organic cotton, it’s important to know where your garments come from and how they are made.

Thankfully, there are many sustainable brands on the market that offers an entire selection of children’s clothes made from free trade and organic cotton, and Indikidual baby & children’s clothing, which has a variety of unique standout designs and makes use of organic cotton.