When someone is accused of sexual assault, it can harm their personal and professional life. This is especially true if the accusations are false.

The right attorney can help their clients get back on their feet by conducting a thorough investigation and fighting for their rights in court. To do this, they need extensive experience and specialized expertise in law.


Sexual assault is a serious crime. The experience is emotionally and psychologically traumatizing for the victim. In addition to the physical and psychological damage, victims also have to deal with several medical and financial problems. An attorney in San Antonio specializing in sexual assault can help victims receive the compensation they deserve.

Sexual assault cases differ from other criminal cases because they usually involve “he said/she said” accusations and little or no concrete evidence. It isn’t easy to defend yourself when you are in court.

A sexual assault lawyer in San Antonio can protect your reputation and rights by investigating the entire case, including all evidence collected by law enforcement. They can stop prosecutors from using emotional appeals and circumstantial evidence to get you convicted.

You can avoid jail time, heavy fines and mandatory sex offender registration. You can also pursue civil litigation against the perpetrators of sexual assault and other third parties.


A sex crime accusation can be extremely damaging to a person’s reputation. It can negatively impact job and housing opportunities, relationships and even the ability to have children. It’s important to hire a lawyer with a good reputation for defending clients against sexual assault charges.

A San Antonio sex crimes attorney with a solid track record will understand state and federal laws in-depth. They will know how to challenge the evidence against you, including any illegally obtained evidence. They can also investigate how the police collected the evidence and determine if you were under undue pressure to confess.

You may be entitled to compensation if you have been the victim of sexual assault. An attorney for sexual assault will help you file a civil suit against the perpetrator and any negligent third parties when setting up the situation. These lawsuits can cover various expenses, including medical bills and lost wages. They may also cover pain, suffering, emotional distress, and other damages.


A conviction in Texas for sexual assault can result in significant jail time, heavy fines, and the requirement to register for life as a sex offender. Anyone charged with a sexual offense should immediately consult an experienced lawyer.

Having a San Antonio sex crimes attorney involved early in the process can help to protect your professional and personal reputation while ensuring that the charges against you are not based on false allegations. It is also possible to pursue civil lawsuits against the attacker and third parties who may have contributed to the assault, allowing victims to recover financial compensation for their physical injuries and emotional trauma.

Sexual assault cases are often complex and involve evidence like forensic analysis, eyewitness testimony and medical records. Cabanas Law is committed to building a strong defense of your innocence and will ensure that the prosecution does not exploit circumstantial evidence or emotional appeals to secure a conviction.


Defending yourself against allegations of sexual assault can be emotionally and personally challenging. Not only will you have to deal with the stigma of being a “sex offender,” but your friends, family, and co-workers may also distance themselves from you.

Moreover, even if you’re not guilty of sexual assault, a conviction will taint your record forever, limiting where and with whom you can work or live. A San Antonio sex crimes attorney can help you protect your reputation and avoid these consequences by helping you build the strongest possible case.

A sexual assault lawyer can help you fight any criminal charges against you, including rape, aggravated sexual assault, and child molestation. They can also advise you on the possible civil legal remedies available under Texas law against your abusers.