Chicago is the US’s 3rd largest city and is a home for every type of person. As a newcomer, you may get confused with its 77 neighborhoods and diverse culture.

Just think about the amenities this city offers: amazing people, affordable living costs, diverse culture, varieties of food, nice & fast airports if you often fly, convenient public transportation, considerable housing costs, and skyscrapers; things that you would ask for if you are a city dweller.

But not all neighborhoods fit everybody. These are the top five locations you can choose for safe and comfortable living in Chicago neighborhoods.

Overview of Chicago Neighborhood

Take a look at the five best Chicago neighborhoods to live in!

  1. Gold Coast
  2. Old Town
  3. Wicker Park
  4. River North
  5. Lincoln Park

Gold Coast

Gold Coast is closest to Lake Michigan and is considered an architectural gem. It’s one of the richest and safest places in the Chicago neighborhoods.

If you want luxury, its upscale residential areas have it all in the form of classic brownstone homes, luxury apartments, condos, single-family homes, duplexes, and triplexes. The best of Gold Coast’s architecture is on the Astor Street District, a 19th-century elegance.

Its picture-perfect, well-kept neighborhood streets will take you to boutiques and some of the big brand stores, like- Prada or Versace. Due to the affinity location, casual dining options are not easily available. However, you can easily access the Red Line and downtown Chicago.

Old Town

Located in between the River North & Lincoln Park, Chicago Old Town is a mix between trends and tradition. Old Town still has the 70’s charm present in its environment, fun and lively. From old homeowners to young adults, this wealthy neighborhood is home to everybody. Among the apartments, condos, and brownstones, a one-bedroom rent is about $1800; you can guess the rest.

Present-day higher-end dining and old Nookies diner, you can find all in this historic city. The buzzing Wells St is packed with restaurants and boutiques. The CTA’s Brown Line stop is at Sedgwick, from where you can take the train. However, 22 and 36 buses are also easily available. If you live close to the Loop, you can just walk to the office.

Wicker Park

Wicker Park is on the west of Old Town. This neighborhood has a local vibe in its architecture, similar to Bucktown. This area is not as saturated with high rises as other neighborhoods because of the historic buildings and old brownstone houses. 

Six Corners, or the center, is a pretty busy area. Restaurants, local shops, trendy boutiques, entertainment arrangements, and coffee shops are the main attractions here. And you can enjoy free time at the 606 Trail, which is a 2.7 miles long greenway from N Damen Ave or N Milwaukee Ave.

The median one-bedroom rent per month is $1,575. Mostly small families and young professionals prefer to stay in this neighborhood. Nearby food places have varieties to offer, from tacos, thin crust pizza, Bento Box, & many more. You can avail public transport or the Blue Line just within walking distance. You can also use the nearby parking facility if you prefer to drive your own car.

River North

River North is one of Chicago’s most innovative & vibrant neighborhoods. It is the center for arts and design, consisting of more art galleries than any other city apart from Manhattan. Public transits are available within walking distance, while Lake Michigan is just a walk apart. The residents enjoy the food options.

Housing cost is relatively high, having a median rent price of $2,000 for a one-bedroom. There are plenty of high-end options, along with luxury condos and apartments for people who are looking to buy a property. Besides the creative professionals, businessmen and entrepreneurs also reside in these luxury condos.

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park has greenery that most city areas lack. This unique feature alone attracts most of its residents. It is located on the North side and is considered one of the safest neighborhoods in Chicago.

An excellent view of the Chicago skyline can be seen from your rooftop. Apart from the students from DePaul University, many young professionals are a huge part of this neighborhood. It’s also a residence for rich families. The median rent for a one-bedroom is about $1,570.

Public transits are easy to access and will take you anywhere around the city. Both buses and trains are available though you have to walk a little to take the train if you live next to the park.

So, if you decide to move to Chicago, check beforehand which neighborhood you would like to settle in and decorate your home as soon as you move in. The insights should be helpful in picking the right decision based on your preference.