Alcohol shipping depends on the laws and other prohibitory regulations in each state, city, and county where the seller and buyer live. It’s safe to say that 2021 has brought an appreciation for delivered items. Whether it be clothes, groceries, or getting delivery rather than shopping personally, getting them delivered at a location is considered a better option.

Can you ship alcohol and how is a question that lingers in the minds of many individuals. Knowing about the carrier’s regulations and other restrictions is advisable before sending the same. States and countries make many laws regarding shipping alcohol. Make sure to possess a license for shipping before venturing out to find a shipper. Read further to find out.

A few rules that should be followed for shipping alcohol include:

  • Alerting the shipper about the content of the consignment
  • Pay the special package fees
  • Only 21 years or older must sign for the package

While planning to ship alcohol, follow the below pointers-

Shipping alcohol within the state

Each state has rules for shipping within the state. Some states do prohibit it, while others allow it. It is confusing to know which states have restrictions as the regulations are pretty complicated about selling, transporting, or buying.

Almost all distributors and carriers are well aware of the laws within the state, and it is advisable to talk to them about the restrictions regarding the question, Can you ship alcohol? Apart from that, it could be purchased online and sent to the specified address.

Transportation within the state is simple but sometimes could be a bit confusing. Since crossing the border is not involved, only the transportation obligation for shipping should be met.

Shipping alcohol outside the state

To ship outside the state is a delicate situation as it involves following the regulations of the home state and the destination state. Few have restrictions and sometimes prohibit the shipment outside, but some allow a licensee to ship liquor.

When crossing state borders, alcohol transportation becomes difficult as many requirements and regulations have to be met. The other option is to find a retailer from where liquor has to be shipped and book it from them; this way, there is no need to cross the border.

Shipping alcohol outside the country

According to an ior service, importing or exporting liquor outside the country involves fulfilling the country’s laws; otherwise, the shipment will be rejected and returned. Few steps that should be adhered to while transporting the cross country

  • Liquor Permit – Apply and get the relevant permit for transporting alcohol as per advice from the shipper for exporting or importing.
  • Choosing Shipper – Find the carrier that fulfills all the transport needs and ensure they have the correct permits; otherwise, the government will seize the stock shipped.
  • Rules & Regulations – All regulations and rules should be followed while transporting, along with other legalities per the country’s customs.
  • Packing Counsel – Always book a shipper who packs the liquor in the right package, and taking advice from professional packing services will significantly help.
  • Taxes and Duties – Taxes and duties for transporting liquor should be calculated in advance to make the payment on time.

Ship alcohol as a gift

If you are looking to send it as a gift, it should be delivered through an approved trader with a license to ship.

Proper packing of alcohol

While transporting, liquor should be packed with care as it is categorized as a dangerous good by shippers and customs. Moreover, it comes in fragile glassware that requires proper packing.

A few items that will help in packaging are sectioned-off corrugated cardboard boxes, tapes, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, ties or rubber bands, and traditional jute bags.

Secure the bottom of the box with the correct tape. Wrap each bottle and place these boxes at the base of a truck or vehicle to prevent them from falling over.


Shipping liquor is a challenging task. While ensuring that the product is packed correctly and delivered on time, laws should be adhered to prevent legal troubles. It is always recommended to pass on the shipping to reliable third-party retailers and shipper companies to ship, as it reduces a lot of headaches and tensions at the last moment.