You know you need to do it. Your bathroom isn’t the same as it was when you first moved in, and even though it’s not that bad, it just doesn’t feel like home anymore.

But if you’re unsure if you are ready to take back control of your space, click here for more information. Get tips on how to make your bathroom reflect who you are and want to be. 

Maybe the idea of taking on such a big project makes you nervous. 

Bathroom remodel tips to get you started 

So, if you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should remodel your bathroom, here are the top five reasons to get you going:

You’re tired of looking at the dingy tile and yellowed grout

You might not have known this, but dingy tile and yellowed grout are severe health hazards.

That’s because they contain mould and bacteria that can cause respiratory problems, infections, and other health issues if you’re exposed to them regularly.

And the problem isn’t just that your bathroom looks bad—it also means that you’ll be inhaling those germs every time you shower or brush your teeth.

If you’ve got little kids who spend a lot of time playing in the bathroom, they’re at even higher risk of coming down with an illness due to their exposure.

You’re tired of using a bucket in your shower because there’s no drain

If your shower drain doesn’t work properly, water can back into other parts of your house and cause damage. This is especially true if your home has an older foundation that isn’t designed to handle excessive water flow.

So what can you do about this? Well, there are two options: either replace the entire drain system or upgrade it with new pipes and other components that will allow for better drainage and less risk of flooding in other parts of the house.

You’re tired of not being able to fit into the tub because it’s so tiny

One thing that often gets overlooked is the size of your tub. If your tub is too small, it can make everything else in your bathroom seem cramped and uncomfortable.

The opposite problem is just as bad: if your tub is too big, it will feel empty and hollow—and it will be hard to fill up with water.

Therefore, you should base the size of your tub on two things: how much space you have available and how much room you need for yourself or others who may use the tub with you.

You want to save on electricity

The Department of Energy estimates that a fully renovated bathroom can save up to 30% on energy costs—and that’s just from installing new energy-efficient light bulbs and fixtures.

New models are more efficient than ever, so there’s no need to worry about sacrificing style for sustainability. There are also tons of other upgrades you can make that will help increase your overall comfort level while reducing your monthly utility bills.

You want a place where you can relax after a long day of work or play and feel relaxed and calm

Bathrooms are an essential part of your home. It’s where you clean yourself after a long day, so it should be a place where you can relax and feel relaxed. However, if your bathroom is uncomfortable, you may not want to spend much time there.

Final Thoughts

If you’re tired of having an old, dirty, and outdated bathroom, then it’s time for a remodel.

Your bathroom is where you spend a lot of time—whether getting ready in the morning or cleaning up after your kids have been playing there all day. So it should be somewhere that feels like home and makes you feel relaxed and refreshed.