When you invest in an efficient logistics management process, you will be more effective and boost your operational productivity. Your logistics partner defines the amount of trust, loyalty, and faith in your services, from shipping to delivery of requested products.

A dependable logistics partner like AMS Fulfillment assists you in staying within your budget, improving your client relationships, and sustaining your organization. That being said, you need a logistics partner who is as concerned about your clients as you are.

So how can you know when to choose another logistics partner? This article examines the signs that you need a new logistics partner and the elements to consider before working with a top fulfillment company.


The incidence of damage to client items is intolerable

Returns are an aspect of conducting a company, whether it’s domestic or international shipping. Customer discontent or broken items are two common grounds for returns.

What happens when buyers repeatedly return damaged goods? It erodes client loyalty and trusts in your company.

A growing percentage of damaged items indicates unskilled workers, inadequate inventory management, and a lack of accountability. Hence, if you can’t stand the rate of damage to your customers’ items, it’s time to choose a new fulfillment partner.

There are not using technology

Most logistics businesses use AI-based solutions to supplement their services with the aim of scalability and remaining ahead of the competition.

Some of the ways logistics systems have improved include tracking automation, smart routing, and real-time monitoring.

A logistics partner that does not keep up with such innovations is falling behind the market, and clients may choose to purchase from their rivals.

By improving transparency, logistics process automation saves time and enhances customer experience.

Scaling your company with them is challenging

Scaling your business is one of your objectives. Whether you want to expand your product or service coverage, you need a logistics partner to help you build your company.

But, if your logistics partner has limited resources and finds it difficult to scale your company with you, you should replace them to meet your growing business needs.

You don’t want to lose sales chances because your logistics partner cannot meet unexpected spikes in supply demand, which is common during holidays or special events.

They have a history of financial insecurit

You want a dependable logistics partner whose services you have complete faith. Imagine waking up to learn that your logistics partner is no longer in business or that one of the warehouses with the most clients has been destroyed.

Financial difficulties are normal in business, but a trustworthy firm swiftly recovers, providing a smooth flow of daily operations. Financial insecurity endangers your company’s survival and is related to revenue loss.

They have weak communication skills

Good communication is essential since it increases client loyalty and makes them feel appreciated. It takes time to build a connection with your consumers and keep them.

Whether it’s an explanation for delayed delivery or assistance with the return procedure, your consumers appreciate any attention to enhance their experience. But, if your logistics partner fails to communicate effectively, your rivals will benefit.

Moreover, your logistics partner should assist you in building bridges across your supply chain, and you will be in the dark if it takes a long time to react to your emails or address your problems.

They have a negative reputation

Consumers voice their unhappiness to seek restitution for their disappointment. Although customer happiness is at the heart of any organization, you may not always meet your 100% customer satisfaction targets due to several factors.

Yet, you establish trust and confidence in your clients when you express compassion for their problems and confess that you did not meet their expectations but are doing all possible to improve.

If your logistics partner has a track record of lousy customer service, your consumers may not comprehend the fundamental reason for their discontent, and if they can receive satisfaction from your competition, why not purchase from them?

There is no reward to show for their services

Whether it’s a great review for your logistics partner or a social media shout-out from a delighted client, it inspires your target audience. You want your clients to know that their orders are being handled properly.

For example, before purchasing a product from an online retailer, you may want to see what other consumers are saying about it. But why is this so? Because you want to get the most bang for your buck.

This is also true for your company. Customers who are happy with your logistics partner’s services or who have earned accolades for their customer service are a source of incentive for your target audience.

These are expensive

If your logistics partner simply pushes you to get little or no return on your investment, it’s time to find a new one. The aim is to increase income for your company. Yet, if extra income is going to your logistics partner, there is no benefit to your company.

You demand a high degree of openness and responsibility for every dime, from broken product monitoring to shipping expenses. Yet, if you are unable to identify the source of any of your spending, you are jeopardizing your company’s development.

A logistics partner that assists you in finding value for your clients and your investment reduces expenditures and helps you grow your company.

They are invisible

Working with a logistics partner you haven’t met and have no clue where to locate in case you need to meet them is dangerous. Every business owner seeks to build meaningful connections across the supply chain process to ensure the success of their company.

You often want to explore methods to improve customer experience and business ideas with your logistics partner. If you can’t meet digitally or in person, it’s time to find a new logistics partner.

In addition, your logistics partner must have an established online presence. Remember, if you are confident in your company, you will want to exhibit it to the rest of the world.

There is no feeling of assurance when it comes to order fulfillment

Can your consumers patiently await their purchase’s arrival without worrying about broken items or bad-quality products? What procedures does your logistics partner have in place to protect the security of your customers’ goods?

Customers want to know that their merchandise is secure from the warehouse to the destination. Warehouses spend on insurance and physical security to secure the safety of their goods.

Similarly, delicate commodities require specific packing to guarantee that they arrive in excellent shape and prevent a constant return of goods due to damage. If you are concerned about the safety of your customers’ products, you should search for a different logistics partner.