Many American homeowners are considering different domestic remodeling projects to bolster their living standards and make their houses more comfortable. Many home renovation trends became immensely popular in the wake of a receding pandemic. Tucson, Arizona, surpassed other U.S. cities in home renovations, and domestic refurbishing spending grew by 23% in Old Pueblo in the fourth quarter of 2022.

However, not all home remodeling projects are worth your money. That’s why this blog shares some ideas for home renovation that bolster your house’s aesthetic appeal and prove to be wise financial investments as well. So, you may elevate your home’s value with these refurbishing projects.


Recoloring the whole house

Giving your house a fresh coat of paint is a cost-effective high-ROI home improvement idea in 2023. A study shows that recoloring the interior of your house results in a 107% return on investment. Just like that, renewing the paint of the exterior of your home can easily enhance its curb appeal.

Recoloring helps you make your living space feel larger, warmer, and more comfortable. Just make sure you have chosen lighter shades (white and creams) when repairing your house’s interior.

Midrange bathroom fixtures

Many midrange bathroom remodeling ideas yield a high ROI by balancing aesthetics and functionality, particularly if you live in Tucson, where house prices have diminished by 3% in a year. While houses in Arizona are taking 70 days to sell, you can accelerate this process by upgrading your bathroom mirrors, one-upping the lighting, and installing rainfall showerheads.

Another amazing remodeling idea involves adding Tucson walk-in showers to transform the aesthetics of your bathroom. Make this walk-in shower the focal point of your modest bathroom, focusing on comfort, elegance, and accessibility.

Simple garden landscaping

Simple landscaping techniques enhance your house’s curb appeal and promise an ROI of 200%. And it doesn’t require professional assistance; you can take on garden landscaping on your own.

So, try mowing the lawn, picking up twigs, and growing low-maintenance plants. A neat lawn creates a good first impression on potential buyers and bolsters the well-being of inhabitants too.

Proper HVAC electrification

Even though HVAC electrification costs more than $17,000, its high ROI (103%) makes it a great home renovation project idea. It means switching from fossil-fuel-burning furnaces and HVAC systems to electric-powered alternatives, such as an electric heat pump. It’s a great way to make your house more energy efficient while improving indoor air quality and integrating with renewable energy sources.

Electric-powered alternatives can be quieter and require less maintenance compared to combustion-based systems. They’re also safer; many governments even offer incentives and rebates to install electric heat pumps.

Replacing your garage door

Replacing your garage door promises an ROI of about 103%, costing around $4,300!

You can easily replace your garage door by installing a heavy-duty galvanized steel alternative. It will be a great capital investment and enhance your house’s appearance. Its benefits include better security and improved insulation as well. That’s how your HVAC costs and security concerns both shall go down! Replacing your garage door has many health benefits; old, badly-insulated doors get a mold problem, particularly in Tucson, where the heavy rain season lasts from June to September.

Refinished hardwood floors

Refinishing your hardwood floors will give you an ROI of 147% by giving the house a fresher look. With a repainted and refinished floor, you can easily sell your house for more than the asking price, thereby recovering more than the cost of this home reno project. Consider covering the floor with a carpet to further improve your home’s curb appeal in front of potential buyers.

A refinished hardwood floor boosts your house’s beauty while eliminating pests hiding beneath your untouched floorboards. Quality wood floor oil will retain its durability and appearance for a long time.

Minor kitchen remodeling

Your kitchen serves as the focal point of the whole house, and remodeling it can be the wisest financial investment you’ll make. Even adding minor touch-ups to a dilapidated kitchen will increase the overall value of your house. Modest kitchen renovation ideas are easily affordable and profitable when reselling the house. So, consider a few cosmetic changes to your kitchen and make it a more functional space.

These minor renovations include cabinet refacing, countertop replacement, backsplash installation, or adding energy-efficient appliances. Smart storage solutions like pull-out shelves, drawer organizers, or a pantry system make your kitchen more spacious.

Attic/basement conversion

Convert your small attic into a more functional space, such as a home gym, a play area for kids, or even a spare bedroom for guests. That’s how you can add more usable square footage to the house, increasing its market value. Even minor attic remodeling projects have an ROI between 53% and 65%! These projects revolve around adding more insulation to the attic and making it comfier.

On the other hand, bathroom remodeling ideas also promise an ROI of almost 70% and improve your living standards by leaps and bounds. You may convert your basement into a home office, guest suite, or media room; these conversions will significantly boost your house’s value.

Energy-efficient renovations

Smart home upgrades make your house more appealing by attracting tech-savvy buyers. These devices help you save money on power bills and reduce your carbon footprint significantly. Many homeowners are investing today in smart lighting, programmable thermostats, and a home security system.

Energy-efficient homes appeal to eco-conscious homebuyers and improve your house’s insulation. You may install a solar system on the roof of your house and benefit from its 85% ROI when reselling.


Are you looking to enhance your living space and prepare your property for a future sale? If yes, read the guidelines in this blog and spruce up your dwelling with some high-ROI home renovation projects. Consider remodeling the kitchen and the bathroom with a special focus on installing an accessible shower.

Similarly, consider adding smart, energy-efficient features to your residence. Put up another garage door, recolor the whole house, and install refinished hardwood floors to give your house a fresh façade in 2023.