Did you know that Sigma Theta Tau has more than 135,000 members across the globe? Sigma Theta Tau International is one of the most important and prestigious honor societies in the world today. If you’re an aspiring nurse then you need to sit down and think about the benefits of joining a nurse honor society.

Sigma Theta Tau nursing is one of the best options that you have when it comes to joining an honor society for nurses that spans the entire globe. You’ll have an easy time connecting with successful and experienced nurses from around the world in addition to many other great benefits.

If you’re still not sure about the ways that Sigma Theta Tau help nurses then today is your lucky day. You’re in the perfect place to learn about the great benefits that come with your membership in Sigma Theta Tau. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Scholarship Opportunities

A big reason why you should consider joining Sigma Theta Tau is the doors that it will open for you when it comes to different grants and scholarship opportunities. It is no secret that the cost of furthering your education is steep, and every bit of help counts. You’ll have the chance to earn scholarships for achievements as well as for your education.

2. Job and Internship Opportunities

You’ll also get access to some amazing internship opportunities prior to graduating and joining the rest of the members of the nurse honor society in helping people in need. Sigma Theta Tau International has a number of different organizations that they work with which is perfect for helping you find the next step in your nursing career.

It is worth it to meet the Sigma Theta Tau requirements for these benefits. They’ll help you set a strong and sturdy foundation for your future career in nursing. You’ll be well on your way towards getting your dream job.

3. Leadership

A big thing that many employers look for when interviewing candidates is leadership experience. One of the best things about joining Sigma Theta Tau is the many leadership opportunities that you’ll gain. You’ll learn about having a broader perspective and the feeling of empathy.

These will serve you well as you get further into your studies and career to become a nurse. You’ll get to put these leadership skills that you learn into practice at different seminars for nurses.

4. Networking

Many people join honor societies for the networking opportunities that they provide. Your membership with sigma theta tau will open doors to leaders in the nursing industry and help you find mentors that will help you along your journey. You’ll also get to meet successful and famous members of your honor society that come back to speak to you.

These industry leaders want to inspire the next generation of nurses and help them with reaching their potential. You’ll not only gain valuable information that will help you in your nursing career but you’ll also connect with important individuals that will help you find your dream job.

5. List Sigma Theta Tau on Your Resume

Joining Sigma Theta Tau also brings the benefit of listing your membership on your resume or C/V. Having your membership on your resume will open doors for you that would otherwise be closed. If you’re applying for a nursing position at a prestigious hospital or with a big organization then it could be the difference between getting the job or getting passed by.

Listing Sigma Theta Tau shows that you’re a hardworking individual that has earned great grades and been recognized for your achievements. Be proud of your association with a prestigious international organization and honor society.

6. Friendship

When you make the decision to join Sigma Theta Tau International, you’re choosing to join an honor society where you will meet some of the best friends that you’ll have in your life. Your association with this honor society is similar to being a part of an athletic team. You’ll form lasting bonds on a different level than you will with classmates.

Many people that become members of this nurse honor society end up staying in touch long after graduation. It is one of the many great benefits that cause people to want to join Sigma Theta Tau nursing.

7. Stay Current on Nursing Issues

Another great benefit of joining Sigma Theta Tau is the ability to stay current on all of the biggest issues within the nursing community. In a world that is in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, information changes at a rapid pace. Your membership with Sigma Theta Tau International will ensure that you always have the newest information on COVID and other medical issues.

8. Recognition

There are only 135,000 members of Sigma Theta Tau for a reason. It is a prestigious honor society and it is difficult to meet the Sigma Theta Tau requirements. If you get in, it is a massive form of recognition for your hard work and academic success. You’ll be recognized for all of your achievements and gain access to special scholarships.

9. Wear Your Sigma Theta Tau Honor Cord

It might not seem like the most exciting benefit on the surface, but wearing your honor cord for Sigma Theta Tau International will tell everyone at your commencement ceremony that you’re a distinguished and special individual. There are a small number of members that belong to this nurse honor society so you’ll get to walk with pride towards your diploma.

You’ll have membership for life to the only honor society founded for nurses. You’re elite when you decide to join Sigma Theta Tau International.

Consider Joining Sigma Theta Tau Today

Joining an honor society is a prestigious moment in your life that you should be proud of. It will open doors to amazing opportunities all around the globe and make furthering your education an affordable proposition. Best of all, you’ll connect with the most successful nurses in the industry and make lasting friendships through this nurse honor society.

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