Pests are a common problem for homeowners in the US. They can be unsightly, annoying, and even dangerous. You may not know that your home is infested with pests until you see signs of them and their droppings around your house, but there are some ways to tell if it’s time to call for a house cleaning service Seattle. Here are some tips on how to spot a problem before it gets worse:


Your Pets are Scratching More than Usual

If your pets are scratching more than usual, it could signify an infestation in the house. Pets can bring pests into the home and spread them to other pets or people. A cat or dog could have brought an unwanted guest back from a walk or run through the neighborhood.

You See Ticks or Fleas On Your Pet

If you see ticks or fleas on your pet, likely, they are also in your house. Ticks and fleas are common pests that can carry disease. They’re also tiny, so they’re easy to miss unless you know what to look for. Ticks usually feed at night and hide during the day, so check your pet’s coat after a walk or playing outside.

You Notice Pest Droppings Around Your House

You may notice that droppings are around your house. These can be found in many places, including the kitchen, basement, and attic. They can also be found on the carpet or furniture in these areas. This is one of the most common signs of an infestation because it indicates large numbers of pests in your home.

You’ve Noticed An Increase in Airborne Dust in Your Home

Dust is a sign of insect infestation. You may notice an increase in airborne dust in the corners of your home and on the floor and baseboards. It can also be found on furniture, walls, or even floating in midair. If you notice a large amount of dust that hasn’t been there before (especially if it’s only occurring in one area), it could be that pests are living there.

Your Kitchen is Full of Ants and Cockroaches

You’re probably used to seeing ants and cockroaches in your kitchen, but if you notice that these little critters are more prevalent than usual, it could indicate that pests have invaded your home. To get rid of these intruders once they’ve found their way into your home, try cleaning up after meals as soon as possible, paying special attention to areas where crumbs tend to accumulate.

You Find Wood Shavings Near Holes in the Woodwork

You may find wood shavings near holes in the woodwork. This is a sign of an infestation. Woodworm is a beetle that eats wood, resulting in little piles of sawdust or wood chips around holes in your home’s structure.

You See Random Tunnels in the Yard

The first sign is obvious: you see tunnels or mounds of soil, dirt, and debris in your yard. There’s a good chance that these are the creations of rats. If you do find signs of rats in your yard, you may want to look for more information about them before deciding on a course of action.

There’s a Musty Odor in Your Home

If you have a musty odor in your home, it could be the result of mold growth. Molds are everywhere—they grow on dead organic matter and thrive in damp places, such as basements and closets. If left alone, they can cause health issues like asthma, allergies, and infections. So if you notice a musty smell in your home, take steps to remove it right away!

Take Action- Get Your House Cleaned

Once you’ve confirmed that you have a pest issue, it is time to clean up and eliminate the problem. You can do this yourself or call a professional house cleaning service Seattle to help you.


If you suspect that your home is infested with pests, it’s important to act fast. Pests can cause lasting damage to your home and could potentially put you and your family in danger. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.