Do you dream of living in a coastal paradise? Maybe you have convinced yourself that it is not realistic or too expensive. But in fact, all you dream of and more can be found in Spain’s Costa Del Sol.

There are a lot of compelling reasons to move to Costa Del Sol. In this post, we will outline eight of them. By the end of this list, you will be ready to pack your bags and move to Spain.

1. Stellar Property Investment

If you have been considering investing in property, Costa Del Sol is the ideal location. This is because it is a high-demand area, and if you ever want to sell you won’t have any trouble.

If you yourself can’t live in Spain full time, you could easily rent the home to another eager resident.

But additionally, property in Costa Del Sol runs much cheaper than comparable properties in areas like California. 

And we are not talking about tiny apartments–these are units that will house the entire family. If you have more questions about how to invest in property in Costa Del Sol, contact Right Casa Estates to learn more.

2. The Coastal Climate Is Unbeatable

Costa Del Sol literally translates to “coast of the sun.” And the area lives up to its name. On average, Costa Del Sol gets more than 320 days of sunshine every year.

When you pair the sun with the warm temperatures and sea breeze, you can see why many people find the sunny climate in Costa Del Sol to be unbeatable.

3. Lively Culture

Costa Del Sol has large cities like Málaga as well as small towns that entertain a slower pace of life. But wherever you decide to settle in the area, there are lots of cultural activities to engage in.

Whether you are into touring galleries, going to the theater, or attending community fiestas, there is something for everyone. To prove this point, Málaga is the birthplace of both Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas. Both of these men are cultural icons in their own right.

One of the biggest festivals you can celebrate in Costa Del Sol is Málaga Feria. It is a weeklong festival in August filled with drinking and dancing!

4. Delicious Andalusian Cuisine

The cuisine in this coastal region of Spain has a few different claims to fame. For one, the seafood is excellent. You’ll find any number of delicious dishes featuring fish, clams, and prawns.

Bread lovers will also be happy to hear that baguettes or other fresh bread make an appearance at just about every meal. It is a great way to soak up flavors from the main dish.

And like the rest of Spain, tapas are popular in this region. Tapas are dishes that are prepared in small sample portions. This allows you to try a wide variety of scrumptious concoctions every time you go out to eat.

One dish that you absolutely must try in Costa Del Sol is pescaíto frito (fried fish). It’ll put any fish and chips you have ever had to shame!

5. It Is a Great Place for Kids 

Many people don’t want to consider an international move until after their children are grown. But why? Costa Del Sol is a great place to raise your kids for a variety of reasons.

First of all, there are great schools in Costa Del Sol. Not only can your kids perfect their Spanish, but there are plenty of international schools, ensuring that they learn English as well.

Second, there are lots of family-friendly activities to participate in. Sporting events, galleries, and outdoor recreation are all great activities for children.

And as we mentioned before, residences that have room for the whole family are very affordable in Costa Del Sol.

6. Transport Is Easy

It is easy to navigate throughout Costa Del Sol. Transport systems are already established and simple to use. 

And if you have the travel bug, it is also easy to access the rest of Europe from a city like Málaga. You can explore the rest of Spain on high-speed trains for an affordable cost. Or, you can get to the airport in minutes for more extensive travel options.

7. There is a Thriving Sports Scene

In Spain, fútbol (soccer) is very popular. You can root for Málaga CF in Costa Del Sol and feel strongly tied to the community.

But in Costa Del Sol, you don’t just root for professional teams, you play sports yourself. There are local leagues you can join, as well as plenty of opportunities to engage with outdoor recreation. Golf is so popular in Costa Del Sol that the area is frequently referred to as “Costa Del Golf.”

Hiking, biking, swimming, skiing, and beach sports are all popular in Costa Del Sol.

8. Access to Nature

One of the most special things about Costa Del Sol is the immediate access to nature. Not only are you right at the water’s edge, but you can get to the mountains easily.

No matter what kind of outdoor experience you are interested in, you can have it in or around Costa Del Sol. If you wanted, you could ski and surf all on the same day!

Costa Del Sol Is Your New Home

If you have always wanted to live in a coastal paradise, now is your chance. The best thing about Costa Del Sol is that it has something for everyone. Why wait when there are so many good reasons to relocate to Spain?

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