Getting to your vacation destination doesn’t automatically guarantee a good time. Las Vegas is an exciting place filled with plenty to do, but it also makes it hard to find something you’ll enjoy. 

Vegas is one of the most popular tourist spots in the world, but many people don’t experience all of what the city has to offer. Many tourists have tales of their Las Vegas trip mistakes, and you don’t want to be one of them. 

Here’s our list of eight common mistakes people make while vacationing in Las Vegas and what you can do to avoid them. 


1. Underestimate Location Distances

It’s not good to rely on your eyesight to spot how close things are to each other on the Las Vegas strip. Most Las Vegas attractions don’t look too far apart, but everything on the strip is enormous. 

The humongous attractions look closer than they are to you and everything around them. The large size of everything creates a false sense of closeness. 

The strip is over four miles long, so traveling on foot can be long and tedious despite everything there is to see. Getting across the street isn’t easy either because some strip areas aren’t traversable this way. 

Be prepared to take a Lyft or Uber to wherever you want to go on the strip. You’ll be out about $10, but it’s worth it to get to your destinations quickly and without tiring yourself out. 

2. Only Opting For Popular Hotels

Two of the most popular hotels in Las Vegas are the Luxor Hotel and Hotel Paris. If you can afford to stay at these places, by all means, take the opportunity. 

But if you’re visiting Las Vegas on a budget, there are lesser-known places to stay. Older hotels in Las Vegas like the El Cortez Hotel and Casino are cheap and quiet. 

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The El Cortez isn’t on the strip and only costs $30 to $125 a night. The Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino is another inexpensive option. It’s in the downtown area and is at most $217 per night. 

3. Going Without a Plan

One terrible Las Vegas trip mistake people make is going without a plan. It’s understandable; there’s so much to do and plenty to see. However, all the attractions demonstrate why you need a plan. 

All the attractions can distract you from doing anything. You’ll spend so much time trying to find something to do that you accomplish nothing, and the trip becomes wasted time. 

It’s also essential to make reservations at hotels in Las Vegas – especially on the weekends. You should not expect to go to a resort on Thursday and book a room for the weekend. There won’t be anything left.

Restaurants in Las Vegas work the same way. You’re not going to get a same-day reservation on a Saturday. Odds are the time you want was booked a month in advance. 

4. Betting on Games They’ve Never Played

One of the most famous Las Vegas attractions is the plethora of casinos. There’s not too much harm in trying a game or two – provided you know when to quit

Suppose you’re not into gambling, all the better for you, as you’re not liable to get much out of your time at the tables. It’s a general rule of thumb to pick a game you know how to play and is fun to play. 

Slot machines are best suited for beginners because they allow you to experience how exciting winning and losing can be. And remember, you’re going to lose sometimes in Vegas, but your luck may also turn around. 

5. Overpacking

The less stuff you’ve packed, the less time you’ll spend at the airport. Keeping all your belongings in a carry-on bag will get you out of McCarran International Airport much quicker than five bags of extraneous stuff. 

Shopping in Las Vegas is fantastic as there are over 150 shops and restaurants. Whatever you need for your trip can be easily found in one of Vegas’ various stores. 

6. Not Taking Advantage of All the Restaurants

Las Vegas buffets are a treat for any visiting traveler. You have your option of the Market Place Buffet, where you can get a $29.99 prime rib dinner. The Garden Court Buffet has daily brunch from 8 AM to 2 PM. 

Many of these places were closed because of the pandemic; the owners have reopened them as tourism picks up. Las Vegas buffets cater to all types of pallets, so be sure you visit on an empty stomach. 

7. Sticking Solely to the Strip and Casinos

Visiting Las Vegas is an experience, but there’s more to do in the city than whatever is on the strip. You can visit Freemont Street, approximately seven miles from the strip. 

Freemont Street, also known as Glitter Gulch, is a pedestrian thoroughfare with live music and a zip line for adventurous tourists. The overhead LED canopy features live shows each night. 

You can visit the Burlesque Hall of Fame while on Freemont Street. If you’d rather see an actual burlesque show, you’ve got plenty to choose from in Las Vegas.  

Remember that you’re in Nevada. While the Grand Canyon isn’t in Las Vegas, it’s still something you should consider seeing. The magnificent gorge is around 200 miles from the strip and is worth the trip. 

Shopping in Las Vegas is an epic experience. There are various stores and outlets with multiple brands and restaurants throughout the city. 

8. Staying Too Long

Vising Las Vegas is a bit more “high octane” than a vacation to the countryside. Most people going to Vegas are looking for fun and excitement. But all the drinking, gambling, and walking can wear you out. 

If you’re not the type that can party hard for days on end – and you have a life to get back to – consider limiting your trip to 3 to 4 nights. If you plan a week-long vacation, there’s likely a day where all you do is sleep.

Avoid These Las Vegas Trip Mistakes

Your vacation is something that you want to plan as well as possible. One of the most egregious Las Vegas trip mistakes is going without a plan. Don’t assume everything will “just work out.”

Consider less popular hotels in Las Vegas and try some of the various buffets. Another Las Vegas trip mistake to avoid is staying too long. The party atmosphere will catch up with your body eventually. 

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