The appraisal time is a period of excitement, confusion, anxiety, and joy, for employers and employees. While employers are looking for ways to reward their employees for their hard work, dedication, and effort, the employees are patiently waiting to see what their manager has to say about their performance. This is an ideal time for employers to make the employees feel like they belong to the organization.

Your employees do not need lavish bonuses or extreme perks. Instead, you can look for ways to appreciate them and reward them for their hard work in a budget-friendly but unique manner. Let’s take a look at a few ideas.


Camp out corner 

This is a very unique way to reward your employees. The corner office or the manager’s office is usually a sign of achievement and respect. When you lend out this space for a day to the employee that has earned it, they will understand the amount of respect you have for their work. It will not only show that you recognize them for their hard work but you also have the humility to give up the company hierarchy. 

2. Office perks

Everyone likes to show their achievements to their co-workers. In today’s competitive industry, it works as a motivating factor for others. This is why workplace perks can be considered a great reward. It will cost you little but still show recognition in the workplace to everyone and will help build a friendly camaraderie in the company. You can consider a years of service award with the name of the employee and this award should be presented in front of the entire office. It will take a special place on the employee’s desk and will continue to motivate others. 

3. Assistant for the week

You have an employee who has performed better than everyone else, they have won the race because they are competitive. You need to appreciate this by giving them a little help. Give them a personal assistant for a week to recognize and appreciate the amount of time and effort they put into work daily. It could also become an aspirational experience and show others the amount of time that gets consumed in menial or administrative tasks and how it can be reduced. 

4. Sporting or Festival event tickets

All of us love experiences and it is impossible to find somebody who does not like certain sports or music. These events are also prime spots for social media posts and there are some very popular events where it is hard to get your hands on the tickets. Find out about such events and grab a pair of tickets for your most hardworking employee as a reward. They will cherish the moment forever. 

5. Holiday, on the company

This is a reward that works very well. Many workplaces offer unlimited vacations but only a small percentage of U.S. workers take their allotted vacation time. When you force your winner to take time off, it will not only give them the much-needed rest but will also show the rest of the employees that it is okay to take time off and it is a part of the productive office culture.  

6. VIP access to a concert

While rewarding the best employee with event tickets is one thing, getting VIP access to their favorite band is a whole different thing. For real music lovers, there is nothing that can beat this experience. You can check online when the next concert is and book VIP tickets in advance. It will give a unique and exclusive experience but will also show the employees that you are thinking about them well in advance. It also adds a personal touch to the reward. 

7. Dinner cruise for a couple

This might cost you a little on the higher side but if the work is demanding and your employee has worked with the organization for many years, it will be worth it. Not a lot of people have the time to spend with loved ones and even if they do, it usually consists of watching Netflix or a dinner. But you can give the star employee a little time off, on a cruise. Give them a little downtime with their partner by booking a dinner cruise. 

There are several other ideas you can consider to reward your special employees. Gone are the days when the only way to appreciate their work was to give them a bonus once a year. With the changing office dynamics, it is important to acknowledge the hard work of your employees and appreciate the time and effort they put in year after year. This will not only keep them motivated and happy but will also encourage others to give their best and become better performers in the coming months.