French doors are unique because they connect indoor and outdoor spaces, making homes look fancy and letting sunlight in. But these doors also need good home security.

In this article, we’ll talk about seven expert tips that help in securing French doors. Use these intelligent ideas and new ways to stay safe. Keep on reading!

1. Reinforce the Glass

French doors are loved because they have significant glass parts that let sunlight and the outdoors in. But these lovely windows can also make it easier for someone to break in. To stop this, you can make the glass stronger.

Use Strong Glass

You can change your French doors to have robust, tempered, or laminated glass. Tempered glass is heated and cooled uniquely, making it much more challenging than regular glass. If it breaks, it makes smaller, safer pieces, so you’re less likely to get hurt.

Laminated glass has many layers, with a substantial layer in the middle. This ensures that even if the glass breaks, it stays together and doesn’t fall apart.

Put on Security Film

You can also put a transparent film on the glass. This film helps the glass stick together even if it gets hit hard.

This film can make it hard for someone to break through. It will also take much longer to break the glass, giving you more time to stay safe.

2. Install Deadbolt Locks

Regular door locks might not keep your French doors safe enough. Deadbolt locks are a great way to strengthen your doors against people trying to break in. Here’s how you can use deadbolt locks to keep your French doors safe:

Put Deadbolts at the Top and Bottom

Install deadbolt locks at the top and bottom of each French door. This makes it much harder for someone to get in.

Regular locks on French doors can be easy to open, but deadbolt locks need much force to break. This makes it challenging for anyone trying to break in.

Get Strong Deadbolts

Buy good deadbolt locks to stop people from messing with them. Look for deadbolts with special plates containing intense steel drilling and bolts. These things make it hard for burglars to break the lock by drilling, cutting, or prying.

3. Add Security Bars

Security bars are a great way to make your French doors stronger and safer. They make it much harder for someone to break in. Here’s how you can use security bars to keep your gates safe:

Different Types of Security Bars

There are many types of security bars to choose from. Some stay in one place, while others can be removed or moved.

Some bars are always there, making it challenging for anyone to break in. Others can be removed when you want to open the doors for fresh air.

Where and How to Put Them

Put security bars in spots that make it hard for the doors to be forced open. You can put your entries up and down or side to side, depending on how they are completed.

Vertical bars usually go on the door that doesn’t move, and horizontal bars can go on the part that moves. Ensure the bars are firmly attached to the door frame and floor so they work best.

Be Ready for Emergencies

When you add security bars, you need to think about emergencies. Ensure you can quickly remove the bars from the inside if there’s a fire or you need to get out fast. Some bars come with ways to remove them quickly without using tools.

Scaring Away Trouble

Besides making your doors safer, security bars also clarify that your home is protected. Bad guys are less likely to try to break in if they see you have strong security. When they see security bars, they know your home is not an easy target.

4. Use Keyed Locksets

Using locksets with keys is a wise choice to keep your French doors safe. These locksets ensure your doors are strong and provide extra protection to stop people from breaking in.

Using locksets with keys and strong deadbolt locks is vital to keep your French doors safe. Solid steel security doors make it even more challenging for anyone to break in.

Steel doors are solid and not easy to mess with. They give your home even more protection. This makes it challenging for anyone to break in because they know it takes more work as these doors are not simple.

5. Secure Hinges and Frames

Making your French doors safe involves strengthening areas that might not be strong enough, like the hinges and frames. French doors often have hinges you can see on the outside, which can be easily messed with.

To fix this problem, consider using solid materials like tough steel to strengthen your hinges and frames. You can also choose particular security hinges with pins that can’t be removed.

6. Motion-activated Lighting

Adding lights that turn on through a motion sensor is an intelligent way to make your French doors safer and your outdoor area more comfortable. Putting these motion-sensing lights around your French doors makes the room bright when someone comes close.

These lights help stop intruders from wanting to come in. Plus, it can help you see where you’re going at night when walking to the doors.

7. Consider Window Coverings

Even though you want to show off your lovely French doors, it’s essential to consider how they look and how safe they are. You can use blinds, curtains, shades, or window coverings to stop people from looking in. This keeps your privacy and makes it harder for burglars to see what’s inside.

Enhancing Security While Securing French Doors

As we finish learning about securing French doors, it’s clear that you can make them strong and pretty simultaneously. Following the seven tips we discussed, you can make your home safer and still enjoy how lovely French doors look.

Remember to make your glass stronger and put in deadbolt locks. You can also use security bars and more! Everything we discussed helps keep your French doors safe in their way.

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