It’s a common misconception that all honeymoon destinations are created equal. The reality is that each destination has its own quirks and nuances, and you’ll want to keep in mind the following things before booking your next resort so that you can have the best experience possible:

1. Nearby Activities

Most honeymoon destinations, for example, best Sandals resorts, offer plenty for guests to do. These resorts are all-inclusive for couples set in the most beautiful Caribbean region. But not all of them are the same!

So always check the distance from your local place of interest to ensure you enjoy fun activities without using precious vacation hours. While your resort may be steps away from its private beach and local attractions, if you want to experience more of its local culture, language and cuisine, check out other places!

2. Weather Tendency

Some resorts are built for windy days, with wind-resistant windows or early warning systems. Some people aren’t as fortunate. Check the weather forecast before booking, as a resort may have a fan system installed but not necessarily be ready or built to handle windy conditions.

3. Style of Resort

There are all kinds of resorts to choose from. Each resort will have its unique style, from the ultramodern and hip to the classic and elegant, from the rustic and exotic. While aesthetics are essential, as an example, you may want to consider whether you’re looking for a place that places more importance on its traditional architecture or one with a modern feel.

4. Things to Do on Staff-Free Time

This is a crucial thing to consider. Some resorts, such as the best Sandals resorts, offer more recreation than others, so look into what you’ll potentially be able to do after hours once the staff has left for the day. A resort that offers excellent amenities may not necessarily have activities up its sleeve (or may not allow guests to enjoy those activities), so choose wisely!

5. Local Area

The local area around your resort will majorly impact your honeymoon experience. For example, if shopping is a priority, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with what shops will be available nearby or how far you’ll need to travel on public transportation. Walking around a city or getting a cab will be much simpler if you know where you’re going.

6. Location

Consider what type of vacation experience you want and go from there! Every resort has its unique location and layout. For example, some resorts will have a lagoon-style beach while others will be on the beach without much ocean view.

Some resorts require you to travel beyond the local area, while others are in prime locations that let you explore new regions via day trips. This is important since day trips can be an excellent way to ensure you see more of your honeymoon destination!

7. Resort Amenities

These vary widely depending on the place. While some will have excellent amenities, others will have very few or none. The luxury beach resorts are all-inclusive offerings that include unlimited gourmet dining, best liquors and wines, roundtrip airport transfers, and many other activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, golf, etc. Consider what kind of facilities and things you want and which resorts will provide all that you’re looking for.


All in all, you should consider the different things before booking a resort for your honeymoon. By doing so, you will ensure that your honeymoon is a relaxing and enjoyable time.