Whether you’re a business owner, homeowner, or someone else responsible for the upkeep and overall well-being of a piece of property, commissioning a contractor to handle repairs and renovations is never a straightforward process. Not only is there a tremendous amount of time and money at stake, but you’re often tasked with determining whether or not the would-be contractor is fit for the job.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at seven signs a construction contractor is a straight shooter:


Glowing reviews

It’s hard to argue with glowing reviews across multiple platforms. If you have a hard time spotting anything negative about a particular contractor, chances are they’re a straight shooter. With that said, it’s a good idea to be on the lookout for fake or otherwise disingenuous reviews. If multiple reviews seem to be written the same way – or if the reviews are always high on praise but low on specifics – there might be something nefarious going on, at which point additional investigation is required.

Positive references

A reliable and trustworthy contractor should have no problem providing several references you can contact in order to confirm their qualifications. It’s not enough that they provide such references – it’s on you to follow through with phone calls and emails – but if the responses you get are resoundingly positive, it’s a good sign the contractor is someone you can count on to get the job done right.

Honest answers

It’s easy to tell a would-be client what they want to hear in order to secure the contract. If the proposed project sounds too easy or too simple, it could be a sign the contractor is more interested in making the sale than laying out an honest assessment with straightforward explanations. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to have plenty of questions ready for when they start explaining their plans. If they counter with detailed answers that highlight the bad with the good, it likely means they’re a contractor you can count on.

Appropriate action

Reliable contractors don’t cut corners to save money. For instance, given the availability of affordable porta potty rentals in Philadelphia and other major cities, general contractors shouldn’t be asking property owners for permission to use their bathrooms. They should be able and willing to provide their workers with their own outside lavatory. With this in mind, if a contractor is quick to cover the essentials without passing the burden onto the client, it’s a sign they’re reliable and trustworthy.

Detailed estimate

Contractors give estimates regarding the likely cost and timeline of a particular project. There’s a reason they’re called estimates; the actual cost and schedule could change based on new developments and information. With that said, reliable contractors will provide exceptionally detailed estimates in order to give the would-be client a comprehensive understanding of what they’re paying for, rather than simply spit out a couple of numbers.

Efficient operation

As the saying goes, “time is money.” You don’t want a contractor to go too fast for fear of them not getting the job done right, but at the same time, you don’t want them to take their time. A contractor known for being efficient serves as the ideal balance. Having an efficient operation is a good sign that a contractor understands the need to work fast without giving in to the temptation to cut corners in order to do so.

Proactive problem-solving

Construction contractors are bound to run into unforeseen problems when taking on new projects. The best in the business will take it upon themselves to power through with minimal headaches for the client. While some problems require client intervention – especially those that require new permits or other permissions to accomplish – a reliable contractor will exhaust all possible options before approaching the client with a list of demands and requests.

Are you gearing up to hire a construction contractor? If so, you’ll want to make sure they’re a straight shooter who gets the job done right. With this in mind, consider using the signs provided as clues to determining the reliability and trustworthiness of your next hired contractor.