Creating a Twitter space can be a great idea to connect with your audiences. This way, you can create impromptu spaces and share the space link with audiences as you give more information about your strategy and projects.

Using a Twitter space is pretty easy and just following a few steps, you can get it done in no time. All you got to do is go to your Twitter app, Create a space, name it, give some essential permission, and you’re on the run to share the link. Yes, it’s that simple!

So, here in this blog, we’ll talk more about what Twitter spaces are, the process and procedure, and the 7 easy steps to use Twitter spaces. Therefore, binge on till the very end of this article to know them all!

How to Use Twitter Spaces and How It Works?

Twitter users can use twitter spaces as an easy way to grow and develop their businesses by directly connecting with their audiences via live audio conversations. Once you know how to start twitter spaces, you can review your customer’s thoughts and opinions on your business, products, and services.

You can either direct message or even invite people to join your Twitter space. Initially, your microphone will be turned off until you’re ready to speak and prepare.

Once you have enough audience (i.e., your employees or team), you can binge ahead and share your different thoughts, business ideas, and plans to create a strong and effective team while being anywhere.

Start a Twitter Space

Starting a Twitter space is easy and simple, even for amateurs. Start Twitter spaces by entering the Twitter app. You can access it from iOS and Android devices for upcoming spaces, for audio rooms, or even leave scheduled space for your Twitter followers.

You will need to set a profile picture, name your space, enable speaker permissions, manage the speakers’ icon, and select your co-hosts. Spaces feature a lot of functionalities that require you to adjust settings as you need.

When you have everything ready for your upcoming space or scheduled space, you can go ahead and share it among your community members for better reach and remain active on it.

7 Super Easy Ways to Make Use of Twitter Spaces

Here in this section, we will discuss how to start and create spaces for you to use best. We’ll even cover more on how to host on Twitter andeven use Twitter spaces on iPads.

Step 01: Go to Your Twitter App and Open a Space

To create a space, you must enter the app first. However, the device you use it on may vary. Both iOS and Android users can easily access space from their devices but not from the web!

When you have entered the app, you can choose 2 different ways to open a space. You can either tap on your profile picture or scroll to the right to access Space. Or you can also long press on compose and look for the Spaces icon on the left.

Step 02: Now, Start Your Twitter Space by Clicking on the ‘Start Your Space’ Button

Once you have chosen either of these ways, you will need to start the space by clicking on the tab that says “Start your space.” You still have several steps to cover before you can begin speaking. However, this is your very first step to space and host live audio rooms.

Step 03: Name Your Twitter Space

To draw the attention of your guests, you need to set up the name of your live spaces accordingly. You can hint at what the scheduled spaces will discuss and what to expect from it.

Using a unique name or a fun hashtag can draw more people’s attention than you would have expected (This is a pro tip for getting in more audience).

Step 04: Grant Your Microphone and Camera Access

You will need to enable and grant several different permissions on your phone before an active space host session. Granting access to the microphone and camera allows you to speak or even turn your video during interactions.

Moreover, multiple adjustments ensure you abide by Twitter rules and avoid violating their terms.

This also ensures your device is compatible with to host space and makes the best use of twitter’s search functionality to reach the maximum audience. Tap adjust settings for all the required permissions, and you’re ready to go.

Step 05: Tap on the ‘invite’ Button and Select the Friends You Want to Invite

In order to reach, either your recorded space or your live space, as many people as possible, you will need to physically select the people to join a Twitter space hosted by you.

In a nutshell, whether for an ongoing Twitter space or previously recorded spaces, you can easily share the link and invite people from anywhere you want.

Step 06: Start Talking with Your Friends in the Twitter Space

When you are happy with the number of people in your live space, you can begin engaging with them.

While only one person controls and “HOSTS” the entire thing, you can choose a maximum of 2 co-hosts (the only people with somewhat as much control over the space as the host).

Furthermore, you can invite speakers to pitch in if they have something to share. Others can use the chat rooms if they prefer.

Step 07: Share Your Twitter Space with Your Friends by Clicking on the ‘Share’ Button

You can use the share icon and share the space anywhere you want. Rest assured, knowing there will be no security breach as the protected tweets can’t be accessed unless granted permission.

You can use the search bar, or share your live space, old recorded space, or new record space for maximum reachability beyond your current Twitter followers.

Even your co-hosts can share the space as much as they want. A co-host can also share scheduled space cards to increase the number of views.

Experts’ Tip: However, check the person’s profile picture and ensure it is a real account before sharing the links.

How to Use Twitter Spaces on a Desktop?

Well, to be honest with you, the Twitter mobile app is much more independent than the desktop version. This is why you can’t initiate a Space session on a desktop, but you can join a space on it.

Twitter spaces on desktop are more restrictive than on a mobile device. Although, if you are wondering – “Can you speak on Twitter spaces on PC? Then the answer is yes! You can speak spaces tab on a desktop and share your thoughts via chat rooms. But you can’t host or begin a space window on a desktop.

However, you can still use the share icon and send it via direct message for more reach and views, even on recorded spaces.

How to Use Twitter Spaces on iPhone?

You need to have the Twitter app installed on the device first.

Log in to a real Twitter account, preferably a business account. Now you have 2 options to access Twitter space iOS.

You can either long press the compose tweet icon at the very right bottom, or tap the diamond-shaped icon, which is the icon of the space. Both these ways can aid you in using or joining Twitter spaces on your iPhone.

How to Use Twitter Spaces on An iPad?

As long as you have an Android or an iOS device, you can easily access or join a space session, whether as a guest, a co-host, or the host.

Using Twitter spaces on an iPad is the same as on an iPhone. Ensure you have Twitter downloaded on the device, and pick either of the two ways to initiate a spaces session (one by long pressing on the Tweet icon or tapping on the diamond-shaped icon).

Search Twitter Spaces

It is not uncommon for people to follow certain users on Twitter and not find the spaces they host. Luckily, there is a quicker way!

You can look for a purple space indicator next to someone’s username. A purple circle emoji indicates that the person had previously hosted spaces when it was being tested for the beta.

This purple circle is an easy and convenient way for Spaces users to find more similar content and convenient features all over Twitter.

Enter Twitter Spaces

Entering spaces on Twitter is a straightforward process that can significantly benefit when done right.

After entering the Twitter app, at the top of the screen, you will find the fleet section, where you will find space hosts and participants on it.

If you have received a message link to the space, just tap start listening, and you can become one of the participants in the spaces. Once the space ends, you’ll automatically leave the meeting.

Host Your Own Twitter Space

Don’t worry about how to host space on Twitter; it’s easy. And all the steps and process remains the same as mentioned in the above sections.

Simply use your mobile phone and launch the Twitter app on it. Press and hold on to the blue plus or compose sign to view the preview of “SPACES” on this tab.

Once you click on it, you will be required to add a name and hint at the name of the space for participants to know what this session will be about. Voila, you’ll be the host of a Twitter space!

Why Is Twitter Spaces a Big Deal for Marketers?

There is a very good reason why Twitter spaces have grown to become so loved by marketers. It has brought about a diverse range of followers and participants from all over the world. Moreover, this is an easy way to reach out to your followers personally and communicate with them.

Not only that, Twitter’s answer to the diversification of the request icon on live sessions allows participants to join in and share their queries, thoughts, and experience on certain matters too.

This is an effective way to reach a wider range of people, draw their attention toward your business, and improve your approach.

Ticketed spaces are another unique way to use the platform best and reach more people. These spaces can be a one-on-one-like experience between customers and hosts where they get to talk, ask for suggestions, and be heard.

Hype Up Your Twitter Spaces with Listeners

Twitter’s ticketed and in-general spaces have many features that can help a business bloom in no time. So, click on this the service page and get yourself Twitter space Listeners now!

Twitter space listeners can get exclusive behind-the-scenes, sneak peeks, and be a part of the process. And you can benefit from having as many as 5000 active listeners in your space for 60 minutes.

The payment for this purchase can be made through cryptocurrency and with a regular card. In addition, you are free from any log-in or sign-ups and have access to several features apart from ticketed spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to use emojis in Twitter Spaces?

Using emojis is an easy and convenient way to interact with the host. You can easily choose one of the five available emojis when you long press on a text. You can send emoji reactions to say you love, hate, or disapprove of an idea without having to engage verbally.

  1. How to access Twitter Spaces?

Regardless of your choice of device, accessing twitters space is very easy and simple. Simply press down on the compose blue plus sign on the screen, choose the course of action, and access the Twitter space.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Twitter has brought about an amazing feature with the availability of the space section for businesses and community members. You can use it for many uses to make a difference in your business and make changes within.

So, after reading through these 7 easy steps to use Twitter spaces, we believe you can now host and even co-host some astounding sessions.