The ranch home style is a classic American architectural design that’s plenty adaptable and in demand across the United States. If you’re interested in giving yours a facelift, there are plenty of great siding ideas to choose from.

Siding is the exterior covering on a house. It’s the part of the home that we see and that gives us our first impression of a structure.

Siding should be visually appealing and durable because when you have it installed, you don’t want to be worrying about it for decades to come.

Read on to learn about awesome siding ideas for ranch homes.


1. Green And Yellow Vinyl

Green and yellow vinyl siding is an awesome idea for ranch homes, offering a bold combination of colors in a contemporary way. The dynamic two-tone of green and yellow vinyl provides a unique, eye-catching façade to a home.

Vinyl siding is a great option for ranch homes because it is durable, frost-proof, and easy to maintain. Additionally, the vinyl siding is available in a variety of materials, colors, and sizes that will give each homeowner a range of an immense customization opportunities for their ranch home.

The two-toned green and yellow siding adds vibrancy, character, and a modern look that provides the ranch home with a welcoming, cheerful, and inviting feeling. It’s sure to make a statement that is sure to last for a long time to come.

2. Cute Kaycan Comfort

The Cute Kaycan Comfort siding from Kaycan is the perfect choice for ranch homes. It offers a range of awesome siding ideas that won’t just make for a great first impression, but also provide long-term durability and peace of mind.

Cute Kaycan Comfort is constructed with durable, impact-resistant lead-free acrylic and features Pro Solar Shield reflective technology to help keep your home cool in hot climates and warm in cold climates.

It also resists fading and cracking, and its installation comes with a lifetime limited warranty. Its impressive curb appeal is sure to make your ranch home stand out of the rest. Plus, its affordability allows you to make a big statement on a budget.

3. Ranch Style Garage

Ranch style garages are functional and versatile. You can design an awesome siding for your ranch style garage to give it a unique look and feel. Look into various materials such as brick, stone, wood, vinyl, metal, and stucco.

All these materials can make for a very stylish siding. You can also choose to have a combination of two or more materials for a more interesting look. Also consider the orientation of the siding, the color, and the texture to make your garage look more attractive.

Additionally, installing windows and shutters can add a more personal touch and maximize the natural light in the area. Customizing your ranch style garage with the perfect siding is a great way to add a personal touch to the space and to increase the value of your home.

4. Flipping Massachusettes

Flipping Massachusetts homes requires innovative siding ideas that make properties stand out. When it comes to ranch homes, rustic siding often looks great. Natural wood is a great option, and can be weathered or left to its natural color.

Reclaimed barn wood is another great look and adds personality to any ranch home. Vinyl siding can be a more affordable option while still looking great. Get creative with siding colors to make the home more visually stunning.

Alternatively, metal siding can add a sleek, modern vibe to the property. Using different siding materials and shapes can add dramatic accents to the exterior walls. It is important to focus on curb appeal when flipping, so siding is key!

5. Loads Of Light

Loads of light is an important factor to consider when choosing the best siding for your ranch home. Natural light can create an airy and open feel that allows for the home to open up to its surroundings.

Consider installing siding that has the ability to reflect light to create a beautiful, natural looking glow. Consider modern materials such as metal siding for a sparkling, shiny finish and muted colors like soft blues and greys to reflect light during the day.

Compliment the siding with window treatments that will bring in the natural light without creating too much glare. Finally, adding light fixtures in strategic areas can add drama to the room. Consider adding a few dimmed, modern sconces to the walls near the of home to bring the night to life just as the sun sets.

6. Board Batten Barrel

Board batten barrel siding is an awe-inspiring option for any ranch-style home. It is a combination of 3 siding textures, each with its own unique design. Board batten is a classic wood-look that adds a modern rustic appearance.

The 2×4 board is installed vertically with a 4″ overlap in the center of each board, creating alternating lines. The batten is used to fill in the overlap with a filler strip, creating a uniform and clean look.

Lastly, the barrel siding is horizontal, adding a unique twist on the traditional vertical board and batten look. The barrel siding creates an organic look that is sure to catch anyone’s eye.

Stacked one after another, all 3 siding types can give a ranch home monumental character and charm. No matter the size of the home, board batten barrel siding can be used for a decorative and cost-effective enhancement.

7. Original Barnyard House

The Original Barnyard House is a unique and beautiful siding option for ranch homes. This look is perfect for those who desire a classic aesthetic and want to stand out among other homes.

The aesthetic features of the Original Barnyard House siding include the use of wooden siding with small, interlocking horizontal boards arranged in an eye-catching pattern. The siding is also painted white, adding the rustic charm to the look which you can get from

The siding comes in a variety of textures and colors, allowing for full customization. It’s even possible to choose a stone or metal look for the siding. With the Original Barnyard House siding, you can create a modern and timeless look that will make your home stand out among the rest.

Explore These Siding Ideas for Ranch Homes

Using awesome siding ideas for ranch homes can result in an elegant and more unique home exterior. From plank siding to stone and vinyl, choose a material that will fit your budget and make your home look great. 

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