Many businesses are looking for ways to drive sales anholiday’sse profits as the holidays approach. Holiday sales are an excellent opportunity to boost revenue, so it’s essential to develop creative strategies and promotional ideas to make your business stand out. If you’re one of the businesses looking to be successful this holiday season, read on for some tips from the ecommerce marketing agency Common Thread Collective. They will help you reach more customers and make more money.

1. Get Your Website Ready For The Holidays

Ensure your website is updated with your latest product offerings and that all your pricing is accurate. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many businesses fail to do this essential task. You should also take some time to spruce up your site’s design and add some festive touches. After all, first impressions matter, and you want potential customers to have a positive experience when they visit your site. 

2. Promote Gift Cards 

Gift cards are always a popular holiday gift, so promote them on your website and in your brick-and-mortar store (if you have one). You can even offer bonus incentives, like 10% off the recipient’s next purchase, to sweeten the deal. 

3. Create Special Holiday Packages 

Another great way to drive holiday sales is to create unique packages that combine several of your products or services at a discounted price. This is an incredibly effective marketing tactic if you own a business that offers multiple products or services, as it allows you to cross-sell and upsell your customers. Ensure each package provides value and solves a specific problem so potential customers will be more likely to bite. 

4. Offer Free Shipping 

Consumers love free shipping, so consider offering it as a holiday incentive. Free shipping thresholds have been rising in recent years (the average purchase amount needed to qualify for free shipping is now $80), so make sure your offer is competitive. You can also get creative with your free shipping offer by requiring customers to use a specific promo code or spend a certain amount on your site before they qualify. 

5. Run Limited-Time Sales 

Nothing motivates people to buy like the fear of missing out (FOMO), so consider running limited-time sales during the holiday season—you could even tie them into specific days like Cyber Monday or Green Monday (the second Monday in December). Be sure to publicize these sales across all your marketing channels (email, social media, etc.) so people know them. 

6. Make It Easy for Customers To Shop With You 

The easier you make it for potential customers to shop with you, the more likely they are to do it—so don’t make them jump through hoops just to buy something from you! If you’re selling online, offer multiple payment options and display shipping costs upfront; if you’re selling in person, accept various forms of payment and offer gift wrapping services; if you’re selling via catalog or TV infomercial, provide toll-free shopping 24/7 with easy return policies clearly stated up front—you get the idea. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to give you their money! 


There are many ways to increase holiday sales, and the tips above are a great starting point. If you want to be successful this holiday season, implement as many of these tips as possible. And if you need help getting started, don’t hesitate to reach out to an ecommerce marketing agency like Common Thread Collective. They’d love to help you drive more sales and increase profits during the year’s busiest shopping season!  Happy holidays!  ? ?