Blackjack is a blast to play, but it can be tricky to master and start making money at the game. There are all sorts of rules and strategies to memorize, and blackjack for beginners can be overwhelming. 

So, where do you start, and what are some gambling tips? Read this guide for your top 6 blackjack tips to get you started!

Never Buy Insurance

Besides knowing how to play blackjack, the first thing you need to know is that you should never buy insurance. Insurance is an option that lets you pay an extra amount in order to potentially break even if the dealer gets a blackjack.

Although it sounds like a great idea, in the long run, insurance will statistically lose you money. It’s better to just take your losses when the dealer gets a blackjack and move on to the next round.

Consider Splitting

There are a few times where you’ll want to split your hand. You have the option to split any time you’re dealt two of the same card, but there are only certain times it’s advantageous to split.

You always want to split when you’re dealt Aces or 8s. Other than that, it’s generally a good idea to split 6s or 7s if the dealer shows the same card or less.

Think About Doubling

When you double down, you have your initial two cards, and you take only one more. This has the potential to give you double earnings, but can also be rough when you wish you could take another card.

Generally, you only want to double down when your hand adds to 9 or 10, or is a soft 16-18 (meaning one of your two cards is an Ace). If you have these hands and the dealer has a low hand, it’s a good time to double down!

Know When to Stand and Hit

If the dealer has a low card showing (2-6) and your hand is 12-16, it’s probably a good time to stand. You don’t have a very high hand, but you lessen your chances of going bust.

However, with the same hand, if the dealer has a higher card showing, it’s a good idea to hit. The dealer will probably have a higher hand than you, so your only chance is to get a better hand and beat him.

Practice Small

It’s important to practice the rules and strategies before you put any big bucks out there. You can practice free versions of blackjack online or with a set of cards, which will help you develop the skills you need to win.

Even once you start gambling with real money, it’s important to keep stock of how much you spend and how much you make. You don’t want to throw all your money away and start playing blackjack more recklessly in the hopes of winning it all back!

Find Reputable Sites

Finally, you want to play blackjack with reputable dealers, casinos, and websites. When you go to an online casino, you want a website that will give you good odds and let you play the games you want, all without any hassle.

There are plenty of online gambling websites and casinos out there, so make sure you’re choosing ones that let you play the way you want!

Check Out More Blackjack Tips

These are some really useful tips for being successful in a game of blackjack. 

If you’re happy with these blackjack tips but find yourself wanting more advice on card games, websites, or anything else, you’re in luck! Take a look at our blog for more.