If you want to upgrade your bathroom design, you have to understand that the fixtures you choose can make all the difference between a practical washroom and a spa-like retreat.

The right fixtures look beautiful and make your daily routines feel more special. Upgrading vital elements like your vanity, tub, and shower introduces elegance and sophistication to the room.

Certain classic bathroom fixtures have stood the test of time in terms of style. They remain popular options among designers and homeowners looking for that perfect idea for their bathroom.

So, if you want to give your space that elevated edge without going overboard on flashy trends, here are some ideas you can work with.

Floating Vanities

A floating vanity instantly lightens up your bathroom’s aesthetic. This freestanding style features a delicate silhouette that makes your space appear more open. Unlike a bulky vanity resting on the floor, floating models attach directly to the wall.

The result is a beautiful look with less visual clutter. You can even customize the color and materials to match your existing hardware and cabinetry.

Popular options include crisp white porcelain and natural wood tones. Try pairing a floating vanity with brass fixtures and black accents for an ultra-contemporary vibe.


There’s no faster way to transform a tired, cramped bathroom than installing a freestanding tub. These elegant centerpieces leave a striking impression, evoking luxury hotel vibes.

Freestanding tubs are designed to make a statement while providing a therapeutic soak. Look for models in classic materials like enameled cast iron or acrylic with sleek, smooth lines.

For traditional charm, opt for a clawfoot tub mounted on a ball and claw feet. If you’re looking forward to serious relaxation, you’ll appreciate a roomy two-person tub with contoured sides. So, consider that when choosing a freestanding tub for your bathroom.

Steam Showers

Imagine stepping into your own private spa each morning. With steam showers, you can infuse your daily routine with rejuvenating hydrotherapy. These mini-sanctuaries feature a built-in steam generator that releases soothing, moist heat.

The moist heat soothes sore muscles, opens pores, improves respiration, and promotes relaxation—not to mention it feels amazing. Depending on your budget, customization options range from basic prefab units to elaborate fully tiled spaces with body sprays, rainfall showerheads, built-in seating, and more.

Backlit Mirrors

Well-lit bathrooms make all the difference when styling your hair, shaving, applying a facial supplement, and other basic rituals you do in your bathroom. Backlit mirrors showcase your best light, making you look great anytime, day or night.

Backlit mirrors work well above bathroom vanities as an alternative to harsh overhead fixtures. However, it’s important to choose dimmable lights to control the brightness as needed.

Frame the mirror in a classic oval, round, or rectangular shape to suit your bathroom’s layout. Then, consider hanging some linens or towels on both sides of the backlit mirror to amplify the light and give the illusion of more space.

Glass Shower vs. Shower Curtain

Shower curtains certainly deliver on the essential task of containing water. But over time, they can develop soap scum buildup, cling uncomfortably, and give off a damp odor. Their utilitarian look also lacks elegance.

Glass shower doors, however, present a much sleeker alternative. Frameless models feature minimally framed panels of glass that promote an airier aesthetic.

The transparent or lightly tinted glass maintains visibility without totally sacrificing privacy. And according to Glass Simple, depending on the hardware used in the installation, the doors can glide smoothly on rollers or pivot effortlessly on hinges.

Glass Simple’s shower door hardware is one of the best on the market. So, you may want to check them out if you decide to work with this bathroom fixture.

Vintage Finds

Finally, feel free to incorporate actual vintage finds into your bathroom design! Scouring antique shops and online markets can help you uncover charming furniture pieces, wallpapers, and accessories that you can use to inspire cottagecore or French country themes.

For example, a carved antique wooden chair makes a perfect accent piece in an unused corner of your bathroom space. Place folded linens, perfumes, or a small plant on the seat to embellish your vintage vignette.

Or display collected vases, hand mirrors, and perfume bottles atop a distressed cabinet. When styled with fresh flowers and beautiful wallpaper, these small touches personalize your retreat with an old-world romance feel.

Some Important Tips


Your budget is one of the first things to establish when selecting the desired bathroom fixture. High-end options like freestanding bathtubs and glass shower doors carry a premium price tag. So, know how much you can allocate towards upgrades like these before falling in love with them.

The Size of Your Bathroom

The dimensions of your bathroom also play a pivotal role in determining which fixtures you can choose. So, ensure you know the size of your bathroom and its capabilities before deciding on the best fixtures that will fit.

Personal Style

Most importantly, allow your personal taste to dictate the fixtures you select within practical constraints. Do you prefer an organic look with wood textures and plant life? Or does a sleek, modern black-and-white color scheme better represent your vision?

Your personal style matters a lot and should come first when choosing a fixture to work with.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the best fixtures that can truly give your bathroom a new feel and look. Choose anyone now and work with them. All the best!