With around 140,000 residents, Marbella, Spain, has been a place that’s growing — and it makes sense as to why!

Marbella has everything, from beautiful beaches spanning the coastline, to amazing luxury homes and lively nightclubs.

If you’ve never heard of Marbella, or just don’t know very much about it, read on for the most interesting facts. Whether you want to visit or actually move there, you’ll end up falling in love with it. 

1. The Beaches Are Beautiful

The Costa del Sol is known for its beaches, and you can see the best of them on the long coastline of Marbella. 

Bounty Beach, for example, is cleaned regularly, and it tends to be populated with people due to the fact it has public toilets and a whole host of things to do — so you can spend all day here if you want, working on your suntan without having to return to your hotel or your home.

2. It’s Diverse

Marbella is one of the most diverse places around, with a very strong international community. Many people choose to move to Marbella, a beautiful place with luxury homes that you can truly feel good about. 

If you have the money, why not be good to yourself?

For more information about choosing Marbella as your new home, check out https://choosemarbella.com/.

3. It’s a Golfing Haven

Many people flock to Marbella for golfing purposes. It has sixteen courses, so you have your choice of amazing places to play.

If you’re looking for somewhere you can get away and enjoy a few rounds of golf in the sun, there’s no better place. Take some time on the courses, figure out your favorite, and enjoy a place where you have so much choice and like-minded people who also enjoy it and can play with you.

4. The Bronze Sculptures Are Incredible 

Marbella has twelve bronze sculptures from Salvador Dali, an extremely famous surrealist artist from Spain! From dolphins to myths, there are many different ones you can look at, and all of them are extremely impressive.

Don’t go to Marbella without making a point of seeing these, as the people of Marbella are rightly very proud of them.

5. There Are Six Michelin Star Restaurants

If you’re looking to go somewhere where the food is top-quality in Spain, you don’t need to look any further than Marbella.

It has a huge concentration of Michelin Star restaurants, which is a pretty incredible amount.

Marbella, Spain, Has So Much to Be Proud Of

All in all, Marbella is a pretty incredible place in Spain, with so much to be proud of. From the beautiful art that decorates this place to the amazing food, to the beautiful beaches that they clean regularly, there’s something for everyone here.

Whether you want a great place to visit or are looking for somewhere to move to that has everything you need, you can’t go wrong with Marbella. It’s the place to be.

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