It’s estimated that fashion is responsible for about 10% of greenhouse gas emissions. Choosing sustainable fashion can help to reduce that figure. Shopping for a strapless bra that fits and uses sustainable materials might seem like an impossible task. While it may take a few minutes longer to find the right company that produces sustainable bras, you can feel better about your clothes and lingerie when you buy sustainable fashion.

Look For Natural & Recycled Materials

Organic cotton, bamboo, silk and linen are fabrics that are better for the environment because of how they are produced. Organic cotton is grown without pesticides. Bamboo can be grown without fertilizers. These materials are also biodegradable, reducing the waste in landfills. Some manufacturers are using recycled materials to make new fabrics, which also reduces waste. Look for these types of materials that are comfortable and eco-friendly.

Pay Attention To Care Details

Sustainability isn’t only about buying the right materials, it’s also about making your bras last longer. When you wash and dry bras according to the manufacturer’s directions, you’ll get more life out your bras. The average bar should last about 6 to 9 months, but with proper care you may get more use. Don’t just toss your bra into the washer. Use a lingerie bag to protect the materials in the washer, or handwash your bras in warm water. Avoid drying your bras in the dryer, because the heat can damage the elastic and materials. Air dry them on a drying rack to avoid stretching them out.

Choose Bras That Fit Your Style

Bras that don’t fit are uncomfortable. Even if your bras are made of sustainable material, when a bra doesn’t fit well, you won’t use it and need to replace it. Use a bra size chart to make sure that you’re getting a good fit. Buy well-made bras that give you the support you want. Invest in quality bras that are made of comfortable fabrics. Choose bras that are durable, to get the most out of your fashion.

Research The Brand’s Environmental Impact

Sustainability in fashion goes much deeper than materials and durability of one piece of clothing. You should look into the manufacturers’ overall practices. Shipping is a big problem for the environment. Look for a brand that uses less material for shipping. Ask hard questions about production. Does the company hire workers at fair wages? Are they committed to being environmentally friendly throughout the manufacturing process? Businesses that take a holistic approach to sustainability will be transparent to allow consumers to make good decisions.

Buy Bras That Last

When it comes to fashion, it’s recommended to spend a little more on something you’ll enjoy wearing that will last. Sustainable fashion may cost a little more up front but think long term. A high-quality, well-fitting bra made of sustainable materials will last longer than fast-fashion bras. Find sustainable bras that meet your needs with this bra fit quiz. Sustainable bras come in a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes. Wear a bra that makes you feel good.