It is a scenario that a lot of new (or even experienced) parents try to avoid – traveling long distances with their newborn baby. Especially if you are visiting a foreign country for the first time, such as Oman, and you need to be aware of the essential paperwork in advance, you can click here to get more information quickly.

In some cases, it simply cannot be avoided. You may need to attend a family wedding across the state, or they may be family members who cannot travel and want to meet the new family member. While this is all very heart-warming, it can be a bit nerve-wracking for parents to plan a long trip with their new baby.

But try not to fret. Here are some iron-clad tips that can take the stress out of traveling with your newborn.

1. Make things easy

Using a stroller in an unfamiliar place can be stressful and difficult, it can even restrict your activities, so use a baby carrier to minimize disruption for yourself. Likewise often parents are nervous at the idea of mess the baby might create when feeding – take portable versions of what works for you at home when going on holiday with a baby.

Don’t take a handbag with you as well as the diaper bag – you will only have so many hands so reduce everything down as much as possible. You can even get cloth change mats which fold up small and can easily be thrown in the wash. Take one step further by shopping from stores like Nuna, Premium Car Seats, Pushchairs, and Baby Gear AU, and see how you can make your travel much easier.

2. Reserve a Bassinet

If you are traveling with your newborn on an airplane or a train, be sure to reserve a bassinet. This will allow you to put your baby in a carrier to sleep, while you read or watch a movie. A bassinet also allows your baby to rest comfortably, so it is less likely that they will have disturbed sleep and will be fussy.

3. Dress is Key

If you are breastfeeding when you travel, make sure that you are wearing comfortable and supportive clothing, which will allow you to get fast access when your baby is hungry. This will reduce the likelihood of your newborn crying and will keep other passengers on the plane or train happy too. Layers and cotton clothing will be best for the baby as you will be able to alter their temperature as needed. Remember in a car seat their back will get hotter than their front! Taking a blanket for the baby will be useful – as an extra layer, shade, comfort and even to ensure they are cool when sleeping if their room is too hot.

4. Prepping other Passengers

There have been many instances when parents have helped their fellow passengers to cope with their babies when they make noise. In some cases, this has involved providing each other person on the plane or in the cabin with a set of ear plugs. Of course, you don’t have to do that, but a bit of consideration will get a lot of support and may even make you some friends too.

5. Keep To The Schedule

If you are traveling to a different time zone, it can be a bit jarring to keep you and your newborn in the same routine. But, to ensure that their sleep pattern is not disturbed, aim to put them to bed at the same time and wake them up when you usually do, as this will prevent tiredness and crying.