Are you divorced? Have you been separated for a long time but never officially divorced?

Marital homes make for great contentions for divorce. Yet divorcing couples need not see their house as the cause of hardships because it brings them to the divorce court. These couples should see it as a positive chapter of their lives, freeing them from a stormy and unhappy marriage.

Getting a divorce can be very complex and challenging. But you can do it successfully if you have the best advice on how to move on after a divorce. If you want to learn how to sell your marital home during a divorce, then read on.

1. Treat It as a Business When You Sell Your Home

One of the best tips on how to sell your house is to approach it like a business. Start by setting mutually agreed-upon terms and pricing for the house before you list it with a real estate agent.

It may also be useful to create a timeline for the sale of the home so both parties are aware of any deadlines or expectations set prior. By treating the sale of your home like a business, you will be able to successfully navigate the process.

2. Discuss the Costs of Selling the House

When it comes to selling a marital property during a divorce, the main factor to consider is the cost of selling the house. It’s important to understand that the costs of selling the house include:

  • realtor commissions
  • notary fees
  • legal fees
  • transfer taxes
  • home inspection costs

Ultimately, the costs of the sale can vary significantly, so couples should factor all expenses into the overall costs of selling the house.

3. Consider a Cash Offer

When considering how to sell your marital home during a divorce, you should think about accepting a cash offer. While it is not necessarily the most lucrative option, it provides a sense of security and certainty in an uncertain time.

It can provide a quick, hassle-free sale that doesn’t require the traditional arduous processes of working with agents and brokers.

4. Don’t Decide Based on Your Emotion

It can be hard to separate your emotions from the facts but try not to let them affect your decisions. Instead, focus on facts like:

  • the current market conditions in your locality 
  • the list price that you and your ex-partner agree on
  • the length of time it will take to sell the property
  • the current condition of the property
  • the local competition

Avoid the temptation of making a quick decision out of anger or frustration and opt instead for a rational decision based on the facts at hand. 

5. Hire an Agent That Both of You Can Trust

Once you’ve identified several potential agents, be sure to speak with each one and ask pertinent questions, such as their success rate in getting homes sold for the best possible price.

Also, ensure that the agent has the ability to provide guidance and mediation when conflicts over specific aspects of the sale arise. Moreover, it’s important to ensure the agent can handle both parties professionally, with respect and compassion.

Best Way to Sell Your Marital Home During Divorce

Divorce can be a very trying experience, but it is possible to make the home-selling portion of the process easier. By properly planning ahead, performing the proper research, and talking to financial and legal experts, you can ensure that the process of selling your marital home is completed quickly and efficiently. 

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