The average home that sold last year in California was $758,990.

However, as hot as the real estate market is right now, a majority of people feel stress and anxiety over the thought of selling their home, especially if they have unresolved finances they are worrying about. 

If you are thinking about selling your home but are feeling nervous, no need to stress. With some simple home selling advice, you can feel confident and prepared to tackle selling your home. 

Here are 5 quick tips that you need to know about the home selling process.

1. Spruce Up Your Property

The number one tip for selling a home is to spruce up the curb appeal and property. Think about fresh landscaping, new paint, or pressure washing the driveway. Little acts of upkeep here and there can add up significantly in the final offers submitted to you. 

2. Choose the Listing Agent Who Will Work for You

You want to choose a listing agent who really understands your home and your needs with selling your house. Going with the agent who wants to list your house at the highest number can hurt you, making your house sit on the market longer than necessary.  

3. Get Ready for Lots of Showings

If you are selling your home the traditional way, get ready for lots of showings. People will be walking through your home, analyzing its layout, critiquing its style, and so much more.

By installing a lockbox, you can have more showings which increases your likelihood to sell. Your realtor won’t have to work around your schedule to come into the home, which can be a huge burden lifted off you. 

4. Do Not Be Afraid to Negotiate 

As a home buyer, you have all the power. Someone wants your house, so do not be afraid to negotiate on an offer. Sometimes, throwing in extras, like leaving some appliances or replacing the air conditioning can add several thousand dollars to your total offer. 

5. You Can Still Sell Even If Back Taxes Are Owed

Sometimes, life happens and before you know it, you are hit with back taxes or a lien on your property. While this is incredibly stressful, you have options. If you need to quickly pay a tax bill, you should consider selling your house for cash. 

Not only is accepting a cash offer fast and convenient if you owe back taxes, but you do not need to worry about things like sprucing up your property, having showings, or appraisals. 

Need More Tips About the Home Selling Process?

The home selling process can be very difficult, time-consuming, and costly if you end up making common mistakes throughout the process. You need to carefully navigate the real estate market by partnering with professionals who know how to get you the best price for your home as well as knowing the ins and outs of selling your home.

So, if you are looking for even more tips, keep on reading for more articles. They cover all things on home selling advice and real estate trends.