Around 80% of the items we have in our homes are never used which shows we have a clutter problem. 

A key way to improving your mental and physical wellbeing is organizing your home so it’s a clutter-free environment. Perhaps you’ve started accumulating items, but you’re not sure how to organize your belongings.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five tips for organizing your home.  

1. Assess Each Item 

The first step on how to declutter your home is figuring out which belongings are valuable. Take each item and ask yourself whether you want to keep, chuck, or donate it. Be ruthless but if you’re struggling, snap photos of anything you’re throwing away as a reminder.

Also, as a general rule, donate clothes you haven’t worn for at least a year. The same goes for any expired makeup or bathroom products.

2. Tackle One Room at a Time

One of the best home organization ideas is to tackle one room as you go. This will make the cleaning session far more productive. When you’ve decided where to start, take everything out of it and sift through your belongings to see what will stay. 

3. Use the “One In, One Out” Rule

Anyone looking for decluttering tips should follow the “one in, one out” rule. Shopping is addictive and we can easily buy too many clothes for our closets. If this sounds like you, then whenever you buy a new item, donate an old one as it will keep your space organized.

Another useful theory is the “just one thing” rule. This is when, regardless of how busy you are, you put away one item while you’re in between chores. 

4. Rent a Storage Unit 

Looking for home storage solutions? Then find a household storage company where you can save your belongings. But it’s important to note, always purge your home before considering a storage unit.

5. Eliminate Clutter Hot Spots

If you’re not sure how to organize your home, then reduce the risk of clutter hot spots in your home. This could be your entryway table, coffee table, or kitchen counters. 

A good way to stop this is by clearing all flat surfaces before you go to bed so it doesn’t build up. You could also try and block areas where you’re prone to throwing down your keys or change. For instance, set an ornament on your entryway table to stop family members from keeping items there.  

You should also create a home for each item. Not only does this makes finding things easier, but it prevents a cluttered house. 

Our Tips for Organizing Your Home 

Hopefully, you will take try these tips for organizing your home. 

Start by purging your belongings, tackle one room at a time, and rent a storage unit to keep your home organized. And don’t forget to reduce the risk of clutter hot spots. Good luck! 

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