Whether you’re thinking of selling your home right now or you’re planning for the future, adding value to your home is always a win-win scenario.

You can do lots of things to add value to your property, including painting, cleaning, and restoring. If you want to boost interest in your home, making these changes could attract potential buyers.

Take a look below at what you can do to add home value and attract the right people to your property.


1. Update Your Exterior

The exterior of your home is what gives the first impression. The way your home looks from the outside gives viewers a clue to how your home will look on the inside. So, if all people can see is a dirty driveway and chipped paint on the walls, they may not appreciate the effort you’ve put into the inside.

To update your exterior, you should refresh paint where needed. It’s also essential to maintain and clean your sidings. You can do this by using a jet wash and cleaning away any dirt, grime, and spider webs and anything leftover can be cleaned with a household cleaner.

Look at your garage doors and check if there’s any damage. Damaged or dirty garage doors can also be off-putting for viewers. You may need to invest in new ones.

Lastly, take a look at your fencing. The fencing should look sturdy and well-maintained. It may need to be painted or replaced in areas.

2. Small Details Matter

You may not think that the small details matter. After all, new owners can come in and put their stamp on things. In truth, it’s often the tiny details that sell properties.

For example, your front door needs to look inviting. The paint should be fresh, and the trim and shutters should be cleaned. 

You can also make a good impression by updating your house numbers. If the numbers have worn or dimmed over the years, you may need to replace them. Think about matching style by getting the same material and color door trimmings as your house numbers.

Hanging some flowers in a basket could also make it more homely. Think about getting a home appraisal once you have the finer details in place.

3. Tend to Your Yard

Your yard will be a large part of attracting a sale. Your lawn and driveway should be kept in reasonable condition if you want to get the best price for your property. You should regularly mow your lawn and keep it tidy while ensuring you feed and water it, so the color of the grass looks appealing.

If you want to emphasize the attraction of your driveway, you should think about placing a border between it and your lawn, so it has its own dedicated space. When you value your home, you may find it makes a difference.

You can also think about planting shrubs, flowers, and trees. Colors and scents will always make your outdoor space more appealing to viewers. Scents from lavender or eucalyptus are always welcome in garden spaces.

You can also plant trees to ensure there is privacy, and anyone that buys the house can be sure they can spend time outside without worrying about neighbors’ wandering eyes.

4. Look at Your Roof

It only takes one glance for potential buyers to realize the roof isn’t going to last much longer. Anyone who knows there are problems with a roof isn’t going to look twice at any property. Whether it’s holes in the tiles or a nice little spot for birds to nest, your roof could present a whole host of problems.

Investing in a new roof will do two things: ensure futures buyers don’t have to worry about problems and make the property look aesthetically pleasing. Take a look at this link to find out more about how a roof can affect the cost of your home: https://prr247.com/new-look-better-appraisal-how-adding-a-new-roof-will-increase-your-boise-home-value/.

5. Create an Inviting Atmosphere

When viewers enter your property, it needs to feel like home. You can create that inviting atmosphere by doing a few things. Firstly, look at your porch. Your porch is going to be the first thing a potential buyer sees. If you have the room, consider adding a comfy chair and a few plants.

If you don’t have space, you make it look welcoming with little touches, like a wreath or small decorations. As you enter the property further, think about brightness. Always allow as much light in as possible and add color to every room. You can do this with vases of flowers or bright artwork.

Always be ready to freshen up your home at a moment’s notice. If you have a last-minute booking for a viewing and ate fish the evening before, the last thing you want is for the whole house to smell of fish. Have scented candles at the ready to make your home smell fresh and pleasant.

The Tricks to Increasing Your Home Value

Think about what you want to see when you go to look at properties. Potential buyers need to know that your home value is worth paying. It’s not easy living in a constant state of staging while trying to sell your home, but when you get the right buyer quickly, it’s worth all the effort.

Just remember: clean, bright, and welcoming.

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