Casinos are continuing to evolve all the time, and one of the ways in which they are changing is by providing more options for people to move money around through both deposits and withdrawals. 

There are more e-wallets and payment options than ever, which can only be a good thing when it comes to providing choices, but sometimes the classics are the best option, and PayPal has decades of experience when it comes to providing secure payments online.

There are a lot of options when it comes to casinos that take PayPal, and plenty of casino brands recognize the fact that PayPal is one of the more efficient ways to move money around.

A trusted finance brand

PayPal was ahead of the curve in many ways, including the fact that it was one of the first businesses to facilitate payments between people and brands online. It was founded way back in 1998, which is hard to believe when you consider that most of its competitors were only founded in the last five years or so.

Over those years, the brand has built up a huge level of trust and has had very few hiccups in its decades of service to customers. Around 400 million people worldwide use PayPal to make payments, which indicates just how massive it is. 

Time and huge numbers of users don’t make a brand trusted, but PayPal also has decades or providing excellent service to help with this. Even though there are modern alternatives, plenty of people are sticking with the brand they trust.

Easy to use (on desktop or mobile device)

Some payment options are much easier to use on desktop, others are much easier on mobile. Mobile payments have become huge in the industry, and this includes options like Apple Pay. However, the convenience of being able to pay with a PayPal account has also extended to both Android and Apple devices, while remaining just as easy on a computer. 

When making a payment using PayPal, players just log in with their account, and sometimes verify the security with a code texted to their mobile, and they can then move the money around.

PayPal’s buyer protection

PayPal has built a lot of protection into their accounts, alongside ways for their customers to feel that they are protected. This includes something called “Buyer Protection”, which lets people file disputes if something goes wrong. 

When someone is going to choose an online casino to gamble with, they need to do their research to ensure that it is a trusted brand, but this doesn’t mean mistakes don’t get made, and there can even be security breaches. While PayPal can’t protect buyers from absolutely everything, they do offer a lot more payment protection than some other online payment platforms, making it easier to stake a claim if you don’t get what was advertised or there is some other issue with your payments.

PayPal Buyer Protection is a standard feature of your account, and there are dedicated staff working for the company who can help if something does go wrong. This is one example of PayPal’s dedication to their customer experience and customer service.

PayPal can link other payment methods

PayPal is an e-wallet itself, which allows people to make payments or share money with their friends and hold a balance within their PayPal account. However, it also allows users to link a variety of other accounts, including their credit cards and debit cards. So, if they don’t have the money in their account then they can use money from their cards without giving up the guarantees and benefits of using a PayPal account.

This also means that if a player wins and withdraws funds to a PayPal account that they can then choose to hold the money there and make payments with it or move it around to different accounts as required. 

PayPal being such a big name in the industry makes it really simple for players to connect to other accounts and services, as so many places online accept this payment method.


Every internet user needs to have some idea about security and how they can keep themselves safe online. Every new account made can be a potential breach of safety if some simple steps aren’t taken, but PayPal’s security features provide users with a way to add an extra layer of protection. 

It also means not having to directly provide bank details to the provider if a player doesn’t want to. This ensures that payment details are more anonymous and potentially more secure, along with all of the other security and safety features PayPal has in place.

Password protection can be enhanced with two-factor authentication to help players to stay safer and avoid account breaches. On top of this, PayPal is known to use cutting-edge encryption methods to keep data secure and prevent security breaches. When their business is peoples’ money, it is very important to offer a level of trust and security. 

PayPal can be used for other things

One big advantage of PayPal is the number of different online uses it has. People can use PayPal to pay for all kinds of goods and services, and on top of that, regular use can also earn rewards. PayPal’s rewards system is based on points, and it is different depending on where in the world you are based, but it is a good way to get a little extra if you are using PayPal a lot.


Not many of PayPal’s competitors come anywhere near its 25 years of industry expertise and experience. In the gambling and casino world, many different companies have embraced this as one of the many payment methods they provide to users, both for making deposits and withdrawals from an account. It is certainly worth considering for casino players.