Living in the city or making your home in the suburbs — it’s a debate many of us will have. 

There are benefits and drawbacks to moving to the city, but we can say the same for living in the suburbs too, so it’s a tricky decision to make!

Just keep reading below for five pros and cons of living in the city to help you make your decision that little bit easier.

1. Pro: Public Transport

One of the main benefits of living in the city is public transport. It’s always better in urban areas, with subways, buses, and taxis available throughout the day — they’re usually affordable to take too.

Depending on where in the city you live, you might be able to get by without a car, saving you money on gas, insurance, parking and upkeep.

2. Con: Cost of Living

A less pleasant aspect of city living is that the cost of living is higher than in the suburbs. 

To begin with, house prices tend to be more expensive, but it doesn’t stop there. From healthcare to groceries and even gym memberships, your costs will be higher when you live in the city.

3. Pro: More Jobs and Higher Salaries

In the living in the city vs suburbs battle, there’s a clear winner when it comes to the world of work. There’s always more going on in cities, so it makes sense that there will be more jobs out there — you might even find your dream opportunity.

At the same time, jobs in the city will often have higher salaries than jobs in the suburbs. Some people will stay in the suburbs to take advantage of the lower living costs, but if commuting isn’t worth it you can always move to the city instead.

Yes, the cost of living is higher in cities, but it can be offset by the higher salaries, so there’s no harm in checking out houses for sale!

4. Con: Higher Crime Rates

Where there are more people, there’s going to be more crime — it’s something to be aware of when moving to the city.

Of course, the crime rate will differ from city to city, but you can count on the biggest cities having the highest crime rates.

As well as the obvious anxieties around high crime rates, if you have a car you can probably expect higher auto insurance rates too. That’s down to the increased risk or vandalism and theft. 

5. Pro: Close to Airports

If you love your vacations or travel regularly for business, this is why you should live in the city.

Large cities tend to have major international airports, giving you plenty of choice and often cheaper flights too. Plus, there are no arduous journeys to and from the airport. 

Is Living in the City Right for Me?

Living in the city won’t suit everybody, but maybe it’s the right choice for you. 

Different people have different needs, so there’s no easier answer as to whether the city or the suburbs are best, but our handy list of pros and cons should give you an idea — could the city be a good fit?

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