The merger and acquisition process in the gold industry recorded a total of $21.3 billion in 2021, ranking as the second-highest ever. Out of the 44 deals sealed, an estimate of 38 million ounces was acquired. The acquisition cost per ounce reached an all-time high value of $1358 during the same year.

Gold, silver, and other precious metals serve as a store of value, presenting a golden opportunity for precious metals investment. This type of investment requires an adequately informed investor.

Read on to understand five options and opportunities for precious metals investments.

1. Physical Precious Metals Investment

When buying precious metals, seek to understand what you wish to purchase. You can look out for gold bars, gold coins, and gold bullion. You may also invest in precious metals like silver bars, silver coins, and silver bullions.

Conduct some background research on your prospective dealer. Find out if there exist any issues filed with regulatory agencies against your dealer before making any purchase.

2. Futures

You can buy mining futures on gold, silver, and other precious metals sold on various exchanges. Futures help you speculate the direction of an underlying asset like gold without assuming actual ownership.

You can buy or sell your mining futures as you please as long as trading is active for that contract. Your futures will sell at the prevailing market price when a contract trading time expires.

3. Exchange-Traded Funds

With exchange-traded funds, you can buy a precious metal investment that tracks the prices of gold and silver without owning or storing the physical metal directly. These ETFs can be traded in the stock market and held in taxable accounts.

The increase in the value of individual securities is proportional to the rise in the value of the funds. ETFs can’t be purchased directly by single investors. They are available to the open market, once sold to major brokerages in solid blocks of shares.

4. Mining Stocks

With mining stocks, you choose to purchase stocks of firms that mine precious metals. The performance of these stocks gets associated with the companies’ profitability. It’s also relative to how profitable their work is.

You will find gold stocks and ETFs easy to purchase and sell, implying they have more liquidity than physical gold. When buying the best gold mining stocks, consider your situation, objectives, and risk tolerance.

5. Precious Metals IRAs

A precious metal IRA is a unique form of self-directed individual retirement account that allows you to invest in various alternative assets. These assets include precious metals, cryptocurrency, and real estate.

Are gold IRAs safe? Yes! However, you will have to select a third-party storage deposit to physically store the precious metal following IRS regulations.

There exists a slight difference between a regular IRA and a self-directed IRA. With a regular IRA, you will have limited investment options. On the other hand, self-directed IRAs permit you to buy various investments.

Learn How to Invest in Precious Metals

Like any other business venture, you must consider the risks involved when investing in precious metals. Do your research and know better.

Keep in mind how the precious metal investment you make connects to your goals. Grow your investment portfolio today by investing in precious metals. Secure your future and invest today.

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