If you’re selling a home, you’ve probably heard discussions about the home appraisal process. A home appraisal occurs after the buyer applies for a mortgage, agrees on the home purchase price, and is under contract.

The appraiser reviews the property to determine whether the agreed-upon price matches the actual home value. 

Your first home appraisal can be nerve-wracking and stressful, but it’s a critical part of selling a house. 

It’s important that you know what details to include that can improve the value of your home. To help you, these are five crucial things to include during the home appraisal process. 

The Appraisal Value of a Home

Appraisers must have specified training and certification to review the value of homes.

The factors affecting the value of your home include local market conditions, the age of the house, neighborhood and amenities, renovations, comparable homes, and the home design. 

1. Work on the Curb Appeal 

When your home is being appraised, be sure to include your house’s curb appeal. The curb appeal of the house refers to the outside and the first impressions people get when they see it. 

This includes the landscape, front door, and other cosmetic upgrades on the exterior. 

2. Emphasize the Desirability of Your Neighborhood 

Because the neighborhood affects your appraisal, you should emphasize the desirability of the neighborhood when you can. This includes any nearby schools, amenities, parks, and anything else that could boost the appeal of your home. 

3. Update the Fixtures 

Another thing to pay attention to before your appraisal is to update your fixtures. This includes modernizing your house with better lighting fixtures and faucets. Though it may seem small, these items can significantly improve your home’s value.

4. Make Simple Repairs 

If you have any broken appliances or windows, consider making these simple repairs for your appraisal. You can increase your home’s value by $500-$1000 by making these minor repairs. 

Your appraiser will analyze your home with a critical eye, so these repairs will make all the difference. 

If your house was previously damaged due to a natural disaster, like a fire, be sure to reach out to I Buy SD for help with selling your home.

5. Emphasize Upgrades 

Any recent updates you’ve made to home should be emphasized. By going through the home with the appraiser, you can point out any recent upgrades you’ve made. 

Though some upgrades are obvious, other upgrades are more subtle and could be missed by the appraiser if you don’t point it out. 

Examples include energy-efficient appliances, insulation, or a recent roof replacement

Now You Know What to Include in the Home Appraisal Process 

These are all the essential details you’ll want to include in the home appraisal process. These items may not be evident to the appraiser, so you’ll want to ensure you note these items. 

Because the home appraisal is critical to determining your home’s value and price, you’ll want to do everything in your power to get the number as high as you can. The better your appraisal goes, the more money you’ll likely get for your home. 

This attention to detail is always worth it! 

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