No matter if you are a one-man shop or you have a team of property managers taking care of hundreds of rental properties, in both cases, you have to spend significant amounts of time and effort to take care of those properties. It isn’t an easy job being a property manager, but it’s well worth it, as you see joy and satisfaction in your tenants’ faces. 

Read on for 5 landlord tips that can help you become the best property manager around. 

1. Do Extensive Checks on Potential Tenants

It’s better to nip any landlord issues in the bud by choosing high-quality tenants from the beginning. Even if it seems like an arduous process, don’t forget to vet all potential tenants stringently. It’s about ensuring you don’t have to deal with too many problems down the road. 

2. Don’t Forget to Have a Plan for after-Hours Calls

You know what Murphy’s Law says – problems always arise when you least expect them. And for property managers, it’s usually on Sunday night when everyone just wants to relax at home and no contractors want to come and fix boilers or toilets. That’s why it’s better if you preempt these calls by having a plan for them. That way you don’t have to tear your hair out trying to find someone. 

3. Be Extremely Responsive to All Your Tenant Needs

Becoming a landlord isn’t just about renting properties out and watching the money roll in. It requires a high level of customer service to ensure that your tenants are satisfied in all aspects of their stay with you. Ensure that you reply to all your tenant questions as quickly as you can so that they feel like they are being heard and their needs are being taken care of.

4. Ensure You Take Care Of Your Own Health

The best landlord advice that anyone can give you is to take care of your health. It can be stressful being a landlord or a property manager, and you don’t want to let that stress roll over into other aspects of your life, ruining your health, relationships, and personal life. Don’t overdo it, and ensure you set proper boundaries with your work

5. Keep Your Temper about You with Difficult Tenants

Nothing good comes out of getting into a shouting match with your tenant. Not only will it create strained relations between you, but it could also make them more difficult as time passes on. As much as possible, try to maintain a cool and calm facade when dealing with difficult tenants. It will be better for you in the long run. 

Rental Properties Are a Boon if Dealt with Right

Being a landlord can be hard work, but it’s absolutely a boon to your finances and future if done right. Don’t lament about having rental properties. If you follow the tips above, you will be grateful that you get to take care of these properties and for the satisfaction you receive from your job. 

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