When building a home, you want one that is both functional and suits your needs. We all have our own wants and needs when it comes to a perfect home.

While you want to ensure it has enough storage space for your belongings, you must also ensure you don’t make the rooms too large. Variety and interaction are what millennials prefer in their homes.

If you want to create the perfect home floorplan for you and your family, keep reading. We’ll give you some must-add features in your dream home.

1. Garden & Patio Oasis

Your dream home needs to include a stunning garden and patio oasis. The garden should have a variety of indigenous plants, bright flowers, and a variety of trees.

Meanwhile, the patio should feature comfortable furniture, a fire pit, and a covered area for dealing with inclement weather. Seating should be comfortable and spacious, so everyone can enjoy gathering in the fresh air.

The patio should also have a barbeque and outdoor kitchen for grilling. In the center, you could have a fountain or other kind of water feature. In addition, the outdoor oasis should include a hot tub and a swimming pool to lounge and enjoy exercising.

2. Natural Light

Maximizing the amount of natural light that will flow through your home can be done through different designs. Large windows or skylights are great options to bring in natural light. Smart glass also allows control over the amount of natural light that is let in.

Beyond windows, adding reflective surfaces like mirrors and metallic accents can help equalize natural light throughout the room. If you have a small home, consider incorporating transom windows above doorways to allow natural light to enter.

3. Master Bedroom

The dream master bedroom would have several features. Ideally, the bed should be comfortable, with a memory foam mattress and a lovely headboard. It should have plenty of storage, like a large dresser and nightstands.

The walls should be calming, light blue or grey, and have some art or wall hangings. The room should also have a fan or air conditioning to stay calm throughout the day and be large enough to move around.

4. Smart Home Technology

When it comes to building a custom home, having smart home technology is a must. Automating your home with technology offers convenient, cutting-edge living.

A modern home can be linked to your smartphone or Amazon Alexa, allowing you to control lighting, temperature, appliances, and security systems with a few easy taps and voice commands.

If manufactured homes for sale are what you prefer, make smart home technology a priority. This will allow a lifestyle free from cumbersome tasks and more time to spend on the things you love.

5. Kitchen Island

A kitchen island provides extra preparation and storage space for cooking and entertaining. It adds more counter surfaces for food prep or slicing fruits and vegetables. It also provides a convenient platform to serve snacks and drinks.

You can have a kitchen island with built-in features such as a wine cooler, a sink, and even a mini dishwasher.

Start Making Your Dream Home a Reality Today

Having a dream home is a great goal to have. You should include the features that meet your and your family’s needs while also thinking of the future. Don’t forget items that help make your home a relaxing and enjoyable place to live.

Plan and consider all the details, whether it’s a patio oasis or a kitchen island. Start making your dream a reality today!

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