The average lawn in America is 10,871 square feet. Although homeowners value having yard space, how often do you really utilize it?

By learning how to renovate backyard spaces you can increase the functionality and value of your home. Keep reading to learn five fantastic backyard makeover ideas. 

1. Build An Entertainment Space

One of the best backyard remodeling tips is to create a space for you to soak in your home’s beauty. If you add outdoor furniture to your yard you can create a space to do an outdoor BBQ or unwind after a busy day. By creating an outdoor space for entertainment you can naturally encourage your family to spend time outside. 

2. Create A Garden Path 

A garden path or walkway allows you to create a pattern in your outdoor space that can be alluring to visitors. You can line your garden path with crushed gravel, pea rock, limestone, or mulch. From a functional perspective, these pathways can make it easier for you to harvest and weed the plants lining the path. 

3. Lay Down Mulch 

Laying down mulch in your garden can help improve the aesthetic appeal and health of your plants. A thin layer of much can help you fight off persistent weed growth and promote plant growth. Mulch works to improve soil moisture and keep plants from drying out too quickly after watering. 

When you are purchasing mulch to lay in your yard, you should determine how thick you want the layer to be. Too much mulch can cause problems for trees’ root systems.  It is recommended to lay between two and four inches of much to improve soil moisture retention.  

4. Plant Flowerbeds 

Filling flowerbeds with a beautiful array of plants can increase the appeal of your landscape. When you are planting flowers, you should consider layering your plants so all plant types are visible. 

If you are building a flowerbed you need to decide if you want to maximize your use of annuals or perennials. Because perennials will bloom at different times, you can maintain a flowering garden throughout the season. If you opt to prioritize the use of annual flowering plants, you will need to refresh your garden each year. 

5. Add Accent Lighting 

You can elevate your outdoor space by adding accent lighting. String lights, torches, or light fixtures can give your yard a relaxing and even sensual ambiance.

You can shop around at your local home improvement store or look online for outdoor lighting. If you don’t want your light fixtures to be restricted by your power outlets, you could even get solar-powered lights so they can be wrapped around trees or draped over a gazebo.  

Implement Backyard Makeover Ideas

Homeowners can follow these backyard landscaping tips to create a beautiful outdoor space that the whole family can enjoy. By following our backyard makeover ideas you can make the most of your yard. 

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