Different types of roofing have varying lifespans and susceptibility to damage. However, on average, a roof lasts from 25 – 50 years. If you’re living in an older home with the original roof, the age of the roof is enough reason to consider getting a new one.

However, it’s no small job to replace a roof. So, you want to make sure that it’s absolutely necessary. Check out these 4 signs you need a new roof.

1. Severe and Obvious Leaking

Leaks in residential roofing are more common than you may think. While small leaks can be repaired, severe leaking is a cause for concern. These leaks not only weaken the roof’s structure even further, but the water damage can cause a serious headache for homeowners.

Leaks may spring up for a number of reasons, such as aging and worn-out materials or weather damage. If water is seeping into your home and creating puddles on the floor when it rains, it’s time to call the professionals.

If the leak is persistent, or there are multiple leaks, you’ll likely need a new roof. Experiencing this problem? Find out how Proformance Roofing Contractors can help.

2. Damaged, Mossy, or Missing Shingles

Have you checked the shingles on your roof recently? If not, you probably should — especially after heavy storms. Shingles should be lying flat against your roof.

Look out for signs of damage such as cracked or curling shingles as well as moss and mold growth. Of course, missing shingles is a big problem too.

If there are only a couple of damaged, loose or missing shingles, you can replace the affected shingles. However, if there are plenty of affected shingles then this indicates the need for replacing a roof.

3. Sagging and Drooping Roof

A sagging or drooping roofline is one of those roofing problems you simply can’t ignore. This indicates that the structure has been compromised and the problem will only get worse if you don’t act fast.

The roofline should be straight and strong. Framing problems and water damage cause areas of the roof to sag which may completely cave in. Don’t wait until the structure has completely given in to replace the roof as this will be a much more expensive endeavor.

4. Exterior Damage

Exterior damage to your roof is most often caused by severe storms. In fact, storm damage is one of the leading causes of roof replacements and roofing repairs. High-speed winds, heavy rain, ice storms, and the moisture that builds up can wreck a roof — even if it’s brand new.

Storm damage on your home can most times be repaired if you spot it early enough. However, if left ignored then the problems get worse and you’ll be looking at an entire roof replacement.

Noticed Any of the Signs You Need a New Roof?

Have you seen any of these signs you need a new roof? It’s important to attend to any roof issues as soon as possible in order to protect the rest of your home’s structure and prevent any further damage. Do regular visual inspections and call the professionals if you’re unsure.

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