In the eternal rent or buy debate, there seems to be only one winner at present. Business Insider reports that over 6 million homes were sold each month just between the months of August to October, showing a strong trend towards property ownership.

But just because demand to invest in property seems high right now, that’s not to say that your home won’t be left on the shelf if you’re looking to sell. The reason? 

Because many shoot themselves in the foot with a terrible house advertising strategy.

The typical mistakes with advertising houses are easy to make, but also easy to resolve, so keep on reading to make sure that your property doesn’t get left behind.

1. Not Taking Good Photos and Videos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but one of the biggest mistakes with advertising houses is not recognizing that they can cost you thousands of dollars too!

Potential buyers are looking for one thing, the “wow” factor. Badly lit photos where you cannot see the whole room or with pets and people in them are turn-offs for good reason. They aren’t appealing and scream out unprofessionalism on your part too. 

It may be a hit to your budget, but getting a professional property photographer can pay off big time in the long run. 

2. Getting the Pricing Wrong

Nobody wants to lose money on their home. However, very often what your house is worth depends on whether you are selling into a seller’s market or a buyer’s one. 

Take your time before you being advertising to do research, so that your expectations are reasonable. 

Overpricing only makes the lower-cost options look more attractive and give the impression that you may be difficult to negotiate with. No matter how precious your home is to you, remember that there are always other fish in the sea for buyers, so work hard to ensure that pricing forms part of your bait. 

3.Not Dealing With Problems in Your House

While some people are looking for a turnkey property, others really don’t mind if some work needs to be done to a home. 

But one of the mistakes with advertising houses that alienate both types of buyers is hiding issues. If a buyer’s inspection is carried out and they find obvious problems, then you can have some serious egg on your face.  Not to mention that many states have disclosure laws that can put you in legal hot water.

You can prevent any embarrassment with 3 solutions. Offering some form of credit towards a fix if purchased, lowering the price to compensate work that needs to be done, or simply get it fixed.

If you have a problem property you can always consider the “selling my house quickly for cash” option. The businesses that work on this model often buy properties as-is, which can alleviate some stress for you as a seller.

4. Not Removing Clutter

If someone is coming to view your property with the idea of living there, all your attention should go towards helping them see themselves in it. 

This means removing things, from your published property photos and when people come to view that scream out “This is MY house”. These could include walls full of family pictures or distinctive but potentially polarizing decorations.

Decluttering allows rooms to appear bigger, an aid in helping you achieve your goal of selling someone on your property. 

Avoid These Mistakes With Advertising Houses

Selling a home can become an ordeal but as we have seen looking at these common mistakes with advertising houses, much can be self inflicted. 

We hope that our simple guide has proved useful in pushing you in the right direction, leading to quick and easy sales time and time again. 

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