Living in the city is usually very appealing and arguably a sound decision when you’re young and enjoy a vibrant lifestyle. This is because you’re close to establishments that are prospects for jobs and business opportunities. You also get to enjoy the flashy fast-paced life that tickles your youth. 

However, the drawbacks to American city life are dealing with the endless traffic, polluted air, and the noise from clubs, automobiles, and factories, to mention but a few. As you grow older, the banes of urban living become more pronounced and the thrill of it all loses its brilliance.  

As the years pass by, you may begin to want to move away from all the city noise, acquire more spacious homes, live in a cleaner environment, and touch base with nature more often. At the same time, you want to be able to access the necessary amenities that are still in highly urbanized areas. You’re not alone though. There are people out there like you that move into suburban areas across multiple states like Arizona that are looking for Buckeye homes for sale

What Is Suburban Living

The term suburban living comes from the word suburbs. The suburbs are the areas outlying a city or a highly urbanized metropolitan area. Such places are neither urban nor rural, but they have the benefits of both areas. 

For example, most suburbs have more space and room for interaction with nature like rural areas would, but to a lesser capacity. At the same time, due to suburban developments being at the periphery of urban areas, you can access utilities generally found in cities and town centers.  

Are you looking to move to a suburban home? The following are said to be the advantages of suburban living you should know of before diving into the life in modern-day suburbia. 

  1. Suburban Housing Is More Spacious 

Suburban areas have a smaller population than urban areas. As a result, the suburbs are known for having significantly spacious homes. This makes suburban living suitable for people looking for properties suited for family life or individuals who generally enjoy large spaces and lots. 

A good suburban residence will give you 

  • Spacious room within the house;
  • Ample parking space; 
  • A garden; and
  • A backyard and sometimes, if you’re lucky, ample outdoor space.

If your suburban residence has an expansive outdoor space, it means that you’ll have more room to enjoy nature. If the outdoor has greenery like trees and shrubs, the air you breathe will be fresher. Additionally, your children, if any, will have space to run around and play, making them happier kiddos. 

With suburban residences having expansive homes and lots build-up to the next benefit: better quality of life. 

  1. You’ll Enjoy Better Quality Of Life. 

According to experts, the metrics for measuring the quality of life include: 

  • Health;
  • Living conditions;
  • Economic status;
  • Security;
  • Health;
  • Education; 
  • Natural environment and resources; 
  • Social interactions and leisure; and
  • Governance. 

Considering each of the metrics mentioned, the quality of life in the suburbs is way better than that of urban areas. For example, having an outdoor space increases your interactions with nature. It gives room for your kids to play, making them happy, social, and healthy.  

Other than that, suburbs are generally nature-oriented. Hence, the environment is cleaner and less polluted. There’s less light and noise pollution in the suburbs too. 

Additionally, since there aren’t many traffic jams, you’re in better control of your time and schedule, which plays a big part in enjoying a better quality of life. Last but not least, the cost of living in suburban areas is more affordable, as discussed in the next point. 

  1. Suburban Living Is More Affordable 

The cost of living in suburban areas is generally lower than that of urban areas. To start, housing in suburban areas is less expensive and you get more value for your money. For example, an amount that can get you a condo in the city will help you secure a gated bungalow in the suburbs with plenty of outdoor space and larger rooms. 

Other than housing, basic needs in the suburbs are more affordable. Case in point, many people tend to get into farming once they have enough space in the suburbs. As a result, there are plenty of fresh groceries in the suburbs. With the food supplies being able to meet the demand, prices of foodstuffs are reasonable. 

Suppose you’re looking to enjoy a quality life without digging deep into your pocket. The suburbs may be a great living option that you haven’t really considered until now.

  1. Suburbs Have Top-Tier Schools 

The reserved nature of the suburbs creates the best conditions for establishing schools. The environment is calmer, with fewer forms of distraction present. There’s also enough space for children to run around and engage with their peers. 

It’s said that some of the best schools are found in the suburbs. It’s a common phenomenon for parents living in the city to send their children to schools in the suburbs. Here they enjoy less crowded classes and a calmer environment for studying.   

Wrapping It Up 

If you have been thinking of moving into the suburbs, it might be the best decision you’ll make as seen from the four benefits discussed in this post. Nevertheless, make sure to involve every member of the household in the moving process for a smoother process. Happy moving!