For those not involved in the interior designs scene, trying to differentiate between modern and mid-century modern can seem impossible.

With so many different terms, characteristics, and qualities, narrowing down your preferred style can be confusing and challenging. 

However, interior home designs don’t have to be daunting! You can learn the ins and outs of each style, making it easy to furnish and design your home. 

Not sure what home design styles appeal to you? Keep reading to help you narrow down your style preferences to make putting your home together simple and easy.

1. Modern

If you love the look of luxury penthouses and new builds, the modern interior design style is for you. Embodied by sleek lines, geometric elements, and natural lighting can help create the modern home of your dreams, the ideal setting for a massive fish tank as well. For inspiration, visit here.

This style balances the industrial look that has taken the world by storm with more natural, classic elements. Also, mixing textures is a focal point of this style – juxtaposing marble and tile can create visual interest.

2. Farmhouse

Whether you’re country born and raised or you live in a suburb of one of the major cities, the ever-popular country chic farmhouse style is a great way to stay cozy, rustic, and classic. Farmhouse-style decors and home accessories are must-haves to complete the good ol’ American vibe.

Contemporary country homes, like those from Pear Tree Farms, offer the comfort of rustic farm homes with the structure of modern homes. Neutral colors, wood materials, and large windows help tie this style together.

Common architectural qualities include a front porch, windows that frame the front door, and a metal roof.

3. Minimalist

While many people hold on to items for sentimental value, others see knick-knacks as clutter. If an overwhelming amount of items stresses you out, minimalism is one of the most popular home design trends.

This style focuses on having as few items as possible. Monochrome pallets, bright whites, and straight lines are vital to this style. You can experiment with natural patterns like stone or wood to create controlled contrast.

The exterior home designs of minimal houses are simple, with an emphasis on straight lines and sharp angles.

4. Eclectic

On the opposite end of the design spectrum, the eclectic home design is anti-minimalist. Instead, it focuses on controlled clutter and loud patterns. This is perfect for those who like the look of multiple different home design trends.

The eclectic style focuses on mixing colors, textures, and patterns to create loud, bold rooms. Similarly, hanging various art, prints, photographs, and wall decor can help tie the style together. 

Classic Home Design Styles for You to Try

Though the world of interior design can be overwhelming, understanding the different elements and architectural qualities of each style can help you narrow down your preferences.

Keeping a consistent style throughout your home can help make your home feel cohesive and well put together. Your home should be a reflection of your own style and preferences!

If you found this guide to the different home design styles informative, be sure to visit the rest of our website for more helpful home and real estate content.